Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A chandelier always makes a room better. To me adding a chandelier to a space is like hanging a great piece of art in the room…functional art.

A beautiful crystal chandelier makes any space look fabulous, but I also like a unique chandelier like a stunning starburst or the Herve Van Der Straeten pictured on the right…. which is definitely a piece of art. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to own a great chandelier. I found my crystal chandelier at a flea market for just $30. My Dad can always find the best flea markets. You know, the ones out in the middle of nowhere... where you're sort of afraid to actually get out of the car…but that's where I've found some of my favorite things.

My next favorite item to add to a room is a fantastic mirror.

I'm especially loving these 3 styles. A cool convex mirror always looks great. I also really like this branches mirror, again by Herve Van Der Straeten, and I can always find a place for a large ornate gold mirror.
I remember, when I was growing up on Long Island, how Dad use to know where all the best junk shops were. And "junk" is the word to describe these places, but Dad has a great eye for the good stuff and would always find the gems well hidden amongst the junk. Now we, his four children, all inherited the same gift. We enjoy finding the gems in the junk. I think I can preach a sermon with that statement, but I'll spare you.

Anyway, next on the list of things is... a great rug.

Look at how these 2 rugs have completely made the room. The Diane Von Furstenburg, by the Rug copmay, on the left is very bold and yet doesn't compete with, but adds to, the great art in the room. The very colorful ikat rug in the room (designed by Liz Caan) on the right, is the art in the room. You don't have to go with bold choices like these, sometimes a solid color works...But what fun would that be? None.

The next, and easiest way, to make a room beautiful is to simply add great pillows.

You know how I feel about pillows…there can never be enough choices. 

So when designing your space…don't forget to choose a great chandelier, a fabulous mirror, a beautiful rug, and some fantastic (and fun) pillows.