Thursday, April 17, 2014


Remember that great antique french wall from the VINTAGE LIVING post (HERE)? Well, I made a fun piece of modern art from that photo.

On my mac, I first made my photo black and white and then converted my photo into a pdf file. Then I was able to print it poster size onto several different pages. If your computer doesn't offer poster printing, you can easily download a free program. It's sometimes referred to as block printing, or tile printing. It's a very cool printing option. And now, since I discovered poster printing, I'm in idea overload and have so many great projects in mind, but …I'll try to contain myself while I start with this one.

After I printed my image large size onto 15 separate pages, I used a metal ruler and x-acto knife to cut all the white borders off.

Then I lined up all my images like a puzzle to make sure they matched up well. 
The next step you'll have to imagine because unfortunately I didn't photograph it. I'll try to set the scene for you. I't was sunny and 70', I was wearing jeans and a lovely fuchsia shirt that hung just….just kidding, forget the scene…I'll just stick to the facts...even though it certainly wont be as entertaining. 
I went to Lowes and had them cut a piece of masonite board and plexiglass (or clear acrylic) into the exact size of my enlarged image. Back home, I then used spray adhesive to attach each separate page, one at a time, to the masonite board.

Before removing the plastic protection from the clear acrylic, I placed the acrylic over my image, taped the corners, and carefully drilled holes into each of the four corners through the tape into both the acrylic and masonite board. Then after removing the tape and all the protective wrapping, I used small screws, a couple of picture hanging hooks, and acorn nuts to attach the acrylic and masonite board (with the image on it) together.
But we're not done yet...

The most fun part of this project is that I used the completed art image as if it were an actual wall. I hung a piece of art, just as would be done on the real fancy french wall, on top of the completed image. I happened to use a melamine plate, with an image of a framed painting of a french soldier, that I ordered from Jeffrey Harris Design (HERE). They would be great plates to set a table with, but I think It was the perfect choice for my art project. You could also hang a framed photo or even a mirror over it. I may even make another much larger image to hang my venetian mirror over.

So…? you like? I like.

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