Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Sorry about the pause between posts. 
Spent a few days seeking inspiration.Currently working on a masterpiece, and just finished a great new pillow. 

Spending the day creating art with my collection of brightly colored wrapping paper.

But first I will show you my latest pillow.

The groovy blue pillow is my newest. Saw that fabric and knew I must make it into a fabulous pillow. 

The wrapping paper masterpiece…so far. 
I had planned on a 4th, I have one more frame ready to go, but…maybe it's only meant to be a series of 3. It started out as just geometric shaped modern art. Squares, circles, stripes, unusual blobs, I tried it all, but finally it became a series of funky flowers.

I had planned to put these in a spot that needs some art to hang vertically.

But…what about that 4th frame….

Maybe it's suppose to be for the lemon artist. And maybe I should add him into the series.

I'm kidding of course…..
but on the other hand, I do like to do unusual things and he does make me smile.

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