Friday, April 4, 2014


Fuchsia! One of those shocking and yet fabulous colors.

( Zsazsabellagio.blogspot.mx)

I think it looks terrific in this white space with the long black mirror and those fantastic sconces that are a perfect fit in this space.


Fuchsia on the ceiling…WOW! 
Wouldn't a crystal chandelier look perfect in this modern black and white space with the fuchsia ceiling? I think I told you, in another post, that I normally go for the white ceilings, but lately…I'm digging ceilings with wallpaper and color. My husband isn't going to want to hear that though. He spent weeks getting rid of the popcorn ceilings that came with this house. He had to mud and prime and sand and paint…and then do it again to get it just right. Lol…when he finally got it just perfect, a friend from the neighborhood, who has never just stopped by before, came by to check it out. When I was at her house, she told me about her husband working on their ceilings, and how he had gone into the attic for something and fell part way through the ceiling into their kitchen. That was the end of her perfect ceiling. So…now she's in my house checking out my ceiling, and as she and I are admiring my newly perfect-living-room-ceiling…suddenly... my husband, who happened to be in our attic adding some new insulation at the time, falls half way through the ceiling. 


Now that's a ceiling. 
We all had to laugh at the crazy coincidence when my husbands legs came through the ceiling, that he had just worked so hard on, at the very moment that someone who had gone through the exact same thing happened to be standing in the room… looking up at the ceiling. But…if it had been a ceiling like this lovely ceiling, I probably would have cried. Oh…and yes…he was physically okay, even though his pride was a bit injured.


Fuchsia meets Red! 
This room doesn't even need art. The table and chairs are the art in this modern space.

( AtHome.com)

This is just enough pop of fuchsia to make this room happy.
You don't have to use a lot of fuchsia to make a space dramatic. 


Look at how just a chair, upholstered in fuchsia, can make a space look fabulous.

If that's still too much…

(source unknown)

You can add fuchsia into your decorative pillow choices. 
I love the way these pillows work on this sofa. Hmmm…maybe I need to find some fuchsia pillows for my sofa.

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