Thursday, April 24, 2014


I went out for some Jewish rye bread 
and came home with some unique inspiration. 

The fancy grocery store happens to be in one of those newer style shopping developments. The kind made to look like it's own quaint village of buildings with beautiful apartments above and lovely shops below. As I drove past the Anthropologie store, I noticed a window display change and decided to check it out. That company's display people are very creative, and I often find something that inspires me. Today it was a blue beaded chandelier. I was also amused by the giant arrow…It seems that I can find some unusual very BIG stuff wherever I go.

I liked the chandelier of dried orange slices. 
It would be a good diy project to make and hang at an outdoor spring party.

I was amused by all the fun plate choices.

I always check out the groovy lighting at Anthropologie, like this Dandelion chandelier, Guilded Peacock lamp, and the Prism Stud chandelier.

Check out this interesting wooden chair covered in what appears to be patches of tapestry. Each chair was different, but I preferred all the lovely shades of blue and the bird motif on this one.

The dish towels in my kitchen are all one color (usually white so that we can bleach them when washing) , but I enjoy checking out all the clever designs. I actually even bought one this time.

This funny Chubby-Lemon-Guy made me laugh out loud. He's not just a lemon guy…he's an artist. I couldn't pass it by. I'm definitely not going to use him as a dish towel. Oh no, he's much to special for that. He's going to become either a pillow or maybe I'll frame him. Either way…he makes me smile.

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