Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My husband took me out for brunch on my birthday.
We tried out a place in Dallas called "Crossroads", where a very well trained chef pushed aside the white linens and goblets so that he can serve great comfort food. I had the spinach, bacon,and goat cheese quiche.

It's a good thing that I always carry my camera with me, because as usual…I found something inspiring. Hanging above us was this cool chandelier made from restaurant sized wire mixing whips. Gotta love creativity!

They also had these funky fork and spoon sconces.
After taking these photos, I noticed that the soup of the day was potato leek. My mom makes an awesome potato leek soup, so I ordered it. I was hoping it would be like mom's. It was good, but mom's potato leek soup is still the best. We used to serve it at our Welsh Tea Room. What Welsh Tea Room? Unfortunately I'll have to save those great and also quite hilarious stories for another post, because mom doesn't think they're as hilarious as we do, and…today is mom's birthday. Yes, our birthdays are a day apart. One year, I wont tell you how long ago, I was mom's very special birthday present. 
Happy Birthday Mom. 

And then again, on our way out of the diner, more forks and spoons. Only this was a giant fork and spoon. It reminded me of some cool fork and spoon melamine plates I have.

Cool fork and spoon plates! They're from Jeffrey Harris Design (HERE). I like to mix them with my fancy flatware and goblets. The design is fun and they're easy to take care of. For me, the best part of having fun melamine plates is that I don't have to worry about my boy's breaking them.

So, have you ever wondered where the "spork" came from…

(Source unknown)

Now you know.

Hope you enjoyed a little fork and spoon talk.

One last photo…

Look what I found in Homegoods yesterday. Every time I see a life sized horse while shopping…it cracks me up. I can't even believe that I can use the statement, "Every time I see a life sized horse…."

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  1. Great blog....wonderful ideas!! Love the bread knife and brick display....and especially those wonderful plates from J. Harris?