Saturday, April 12, 2014


There are good ways and not so good ways to display a collection.

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This display, of a grouping of antique bread knives, is a great way to display a collection. It's not just unique, I think it's also quite stylish. It's always best to make a collection look like an intriguing part of the decor in your home rather than just a simple or boring collection.


These mirrors are obviously a collection, but look more like a stunning wall of art. Notice how they're all different and yet similar. Different shaped frames, but similar in actual mirror shape (round and oval), and they're all gold. Love it!

(source unknown)
What a fun way to display a collection of birds. Makes me want to collect birds just so that I can put them all on a branch like this. 
By the way, there's a fine line between what a collection is and what's a bit….. well, let's just say that if someone's eyes get very big in a sort of scared way when they see your collection…maybe you've gone to far. And if you have to add onto the house because of your collection…well…that's another issue.

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Have you been wondering what to do with those bricks you've been collecting? 
Well, you may not actually have a collection of bricks, but if you have a collection of anything that's all the same look and size…this is how you do it. Make it into a one grand piece of art on a wall instead of just a collection of a bunch of something sitting on a shelf.

(country Living)

This collection of cute little doggies looks just perfect up on top of that armoire, but if we were to open those doors and 500 more fall out…then….
But seriously, I think a collection of globes or vases or whatever else you can fit on top of an armoire is a good idea.

(The Neo Lifestyle)

There are quite a few boxes here, but they look great. This whole vignette all works very well together. If the collector happens to find a few more lovely boxes…he's just going to have to find another spot for them.

(Suzanne Duda on Flickr)

Using a jar or bowl to keep smaller collections in is always a good idea… that's unless of course, you collect false teeth.

I'll end with a very unusual collection…

(A Bohemian Life)

WOW! This is a very artsy clever way to hang this over-the-top collection. Even though I'm not quite sure if I would want to be left alone in a room with the person who collects this stuff, I do like how they turned it into art.

So today, we've learned to not just line our collections up on a shelf, but to...mix it into the rest of our decor, make it a piece of art, put it in a bowl or a jar, or get brainstorming and come up with some very creative design that will highlight the unique things that we all love to collect.

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