Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Every time I go out for a walk I see something that inspires me.

On Saturday, as I was walking to the park just behind our house to check on my always-out-playing kids, I saw this blue jay in the tree. I happened to have my camera and hoped the bird wouldn't fly away before I got the lens cap off and aimed my camera. I was pretty far away but have a zoom lens on my camera. I'm no expert, and once I zoomed in…I couldn't even find the bird in the shot (on the little screen). It would have helped a bit if I had brought my reading glasses. Oh those annoying reading glasses...the gift that comes with getting older. Finally, after zooming in and out a few times and praying that he wouldn't fly off, I took the shot. I still had no idea if it was really even in-focus, but when I got home and put the disc in my computer…I was quite stunned and pleased to find this great picture. This is the actual shot…no photoshoping (except to add my blog-title watermark). Wow, he even has food in his mouth.

I also took this photo just a few minutes after the blue jay shot. I got a bit close to this tree and managed to get this great shot even though I was suddenly surrounded by bee's. My husband bought me a camera for Christmas after I announced that I would be starting a blog on Jan. 1. Now, I never leave home without it. You never know when you might see a very cool chandelier, a giant 30ft tall eyeball (like in my Jan 3, 2014 post) or an inspiring blue jay in a tree.

The image above and the three below, I actually took with an IPHONE 4s. I walk a lot and find myself often looking up into the trees (and taking photo's) on days when the sky is so blue and the trees are especially pretty. I keep saying that I'm going to enlarge these pictures and frame them in a groovy modern grouping. Hopefully now that I've put it in writing for all of you to read…I'll actually do it.

I love fall. I love the cool weather that comes after the heat (especially the Texas heat that makes me wonder how on earth anyone dared to live in this state before air-conditioning), the gorgeous colors of the fall leaves, and the fabulous fall clothes that hit the stores.

These images, (yes the photos, but I mean the actual bird,tree, sky etc…) always have me declaring out-loud, "God, You are AWESOME!"

We all use the word awesome a bit too liberally. I think it should be saved for describing God and his…...…"awesomeness".

When I see the vivid green colors of the new leaves, on the tree in my front yard, against the beautiful bright blue sky, I can't help but run and grab my camera. It's almost the same as how when I hear my kids looking for me, I cant help but hide. No! not so that they cant find me…well at least not usually, but so that I can jump out and scare them.

I live in a the suburbs just north of Dallas. It's all still very new up here, and there are still a few leftover pieces of farm land with cows or in this case... horses. So, within walking distance of my home I can visit this guy and his four other pals. There's something really special about horses, and I've read that they even have some similarities to angels. God is so cool.


  1. I won't say that is awesome....I will however, say that it is fantastic! Great Job!

    1. Thanks for the compliment :) and for leaving the "AWESOME" for God.