Friday, April 11, 2014


Today I thought I would share some more photo's, that I had taken at the beautiful Gary Riggs Design retail showroom, and tell you what inspired me to take that photo. Sharing what I think is working in each particular vignette. Vignette, a fancy word for a grouping of some stuff.

I like the modern design of this wall as well as the stuff in this shot. The wall, gold lamps, sofa, and that cool wooden ottoman/bench/table underneath the console are all monochromatic. So I like how the large brightly colored art becomes the show piece. And of course, the pop of color in the pillows. 

Love that chair, but also like the way they used the gold frame on the wall over an object. I think a frame like that around a sconce would also be snazzy.

I also like the look of a very eclectic mix. Modern art with traditional art. A mix of styles, but in similar colors and tones, blues, greens, and golds in this case.  It works, and I'm pretty sure it was done here on purpose and not because it happened to be all the leftover stuff after a day of merchandising. I remember from my years of retail, and merchandising (re-arranging the stuff), that I would always end up with a a small collection of leftover stuff that didn't really look great anywhere. I't would make me crazy. I wanted my floor to look fabulous and wanted to hide all the leftover junk stuff in the stockroom. But alas, I knew I must somehow make it work. 

I took this photo because I like how one table was placed under another table. You can't see it in this shot, but there's a bed to the right. This is always a good idea for bedside tables. Especially if the piece underneath has drawers or space for books or all that other stuff one keeps by the bed. 

The bright orange space.
The big mirror, the beautiful bench, the details on the dressers, and even the reflection in the mirror all caught my attention here.

My next photo is a sneak peek of a really great, in my opinion, diy project that I'm working on.

Loving this image. NO!…I'm not going to mill some french walls. I'm actually going to use this image itself for the cool diy project. So... you'll have to come back next week to see what I do with it. Oh…and I will be posting something new tomorrow…so come back tomorrow too.
Have a great day, and don't forget to share.