Thursday, April 10, 2014


I found some major inspiration yesterday in the absolutely beautiful 
VINTAGE LIVING store in Dallas 

Couldn't take my eyes off of that gorgeous antique starburst mirror. It's hard to see the scale in this photo, so I'll just tell you, it's a very large starburst mirror. And it makes it even more-better (or "more beautiful" if you prefer proper english) over those two, also quite lovely, venetian mirrors. So loving it!

The style in this store could be referred to as European Chic.
The interior designer/owner of this fabulous store finds these gorgeous mirrors and chandeliers, as well as other unique pieces, on regular shopping excursions to Europe. I don't know about you, but I would enjoy that job. 

She, Lisa Luby Ryan, mixes her unique finds with her own line of beautifully upholstered furnishings. I always enjoy shopping in a store where I can't find one thing that I don't like. My husband loves it.

I'm kind of diggin' this mirror. When I was looking through the little screen on the back of my camera, to take this picture, I kept seeing my reflection in the shot. I would move to the left, and then a bit more to the left, and again a bit further, but still I couldn't seem to get my image out of the shot. Finally, I pulled my camera away to see what the problem was. That's when I realized that …Duh! (as my kids would say) It was an image of a woman that I was seeing, but it wasn't my image. Yes I know, if I'm going to use the little screen, rather than the view finder, I should probably put on my reading glasses…  even if I'm still in denial that I actually need reading glasses.

Those little sconces, the mirror, the lamps, the mirrored frames, the dresser …what's not to like?

Loving this antique wall with the sconces. Look how fabulous it looks with the modern table. They use this room as office space. I want my office to look like this.  

Looks like a photo of a stunning French apartment where you would expect to see the Eiffel tower when you look out a window. 

I'll take it all! The lamps and the mirrors. 
I wrote about putting one mirror over another in my TWO MIRRORS ARE BETTER THAN ONE post, a couple of days ago, but this look (layering) is also a look that I think is really great. Layering art work or mirrors, as seen here. Are you wondering what's hanging above…that you're only getting a hint of in this photo?

This stunning chandelier! 

Loving all the architectural objects.

Okay, just one last look at this amazing antique starburst mirror hanging over the beautiful venetian mirrors. The three pieces together ... perfect!


  1. I shared on FB, Pinterest and Google+. Great pillow. great blog..SS

  2. This would match my living room decor PERFECTLY! Shared on FB and Pinterest. :)

  3. I have five of your hand-me-down pillows already but I know your such a great friend you will make me one. You would even go to the fabric store with me to make sure I pick just the right material...(wink wink). Love it! Always Sharing! ~Holly

  4. Shared!! Love the colors. Beautiful job. P.H.