Friday, April 18, 2014


One of the best purchases I made on my birthday 
was this white Docksta table. It's a very inexpensive copy of the Saarinen Tulip table made by Knoll.  

I would have of course preferred the knoll version with the carrara marble top, but it would have set me back an extra $3000 +. That will be a future purchase, and actually I would like the larger oval one anyway, and that retails for about $6500. But for now, I think this $200 version is great. I was inspired by the Tulip table at the VINTAGE LIVING store…

That space, where I placed the table, is actually our formal dining space, but it's so rarely used and my husband is always in need of lots of space to do paperwork (as you can see from the top right image), so it has officially now been declared as part of our office space.

I love to mix styles. I think the antique Swedish chairs (my husband inherited) that I covered with a mod fabric, look great with the modern style table and my crystal chandelier. I still have a bit of work to do in that space, but so far…I'm diggin' the look.

Here's a few photo's of how others have used the tulip table…

(Interior Design Mag)

(Better Homes & Gardens)


I'm especially lovin' this look of the old and new. Hmmm…..Maybe I'll put a cowhide rug under my table.

I also finally picked up that credenza, well not "that credenza" a different credenza. We decided that a desk/credenza was a better fit since my husband and I are often working at the same time. 

We found this credenza for a bargain price of $60. I was planning to give it a complete over-haul, but I really like the style and may just refinish it as it is. Before my husband was able to drag me out of the used office furniture store, I also grabbed this chair...

It was only $20. I couldn't pass it by. I was imagining a complete make-over for the chair, but now I'm thinking I will sand and refinish the wood and then…possibly recover the chair in a groovy…leather? or...Should I clean up the original vinyl and see how she looks? Not completely positive yet….stay tuned.

My splurge of the day…No not the life size horse…

This excellent, and quite heavy, brass lamp I picked up at HomeGoods. At $149 it was more than the credenza and chair together, but it's a very good lamp, and would cost more than $300 retail. I had one almost exactly like it, but my sweet Siberian Husky tripped over the wire trying to lie down behind the table that it was on. After it, my prized old lamp, hit the floor pretty hard it was never the same. I'm quite happy with my new one.

And by the way, I never did get that great piece of chocolate peanut-butter cake. While we did have our usual cake for birthday breakfast. …Apparently it's a Swedish thing to wake up the birthday-person extremely early in the morning with cake…say's my husband. My kids love it. We've had this tradition since we've been married (nearly 100 years now... Lol…I love you honey!)   But of course my a.m. cake was a store bought cake, and the bakery that sometimes has a chocolate peanut butter cake...had none that day….so 2 days later…I finally baked my own. I did tell you that I consider it still my birthday for at least a week…didn't I?

Behold! Aunt Cindy's Cake... 
now new and improved with my famous thick chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting.

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