Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Loving my new pillows!

I went fabric searching over the weekend…I always enjoy a great interior fabric store. I found this lovely chartreuse, blue, and gray-ish purple ikat print fabric. Then I saw that fabulous beige fabric with the fuchsia design. After I wrote that fuchsia post last week, I knew that I had to have a bit of fuchsia in at least one of my pillows. 

I am certainly no expert on a sewing machine, but I managed to make these pillows myself. With zippers! That zipper on the fuchsia pillow is the first zipper I've ever sewn. I've sewn up several pillows, but never with a zipper. If I had known that it wasn't that hard to add a zipper… Oy! I could have had new pillows every month.

Oh Yes…the Ikea striped pillows. I decided that they looked best on my orange bench, with my "LOVE" pillow. They look pretty good here…right?

No it's not photoshop, I really did finally hang my first gold-thumb-tacked deer head (in the top photo), and I'm almost finished with the mate. Yahoo! I've been thumb tacking a little each day, and my thumb is just fine this time. I guess I should have spread out the tacking during my first deer head. If you haven't already checked it out, you can find the "how to" info here.

I had to run into Dillard's department store today to pick something up, and saw these beautiful plates there. The bird plates come in different colors and are just $10 each. They're definitely pretty on a table, but I think they would also look really terrific hanging on a wall. One of you peeps need to go buy them and send me the photo after you hang them.

And they also had these great blue and white plates, also at $10 each. I'm thinking they would look pretty great as a collection of small convex mirrors by using some of those peel and stick-on hotspot mirrors.
And speaking of places for mirrors…As I was out driving the other day, I found a spot that seemed to be perfect for a convex mirror.

Perfect spot for a convex mirror! right? 

As soon as I saw it, I hit the brakes and jumped out of the car for a photo. My kids were in the car rolling their eyes as I was trying to explain how the fire pump thingy would look really great if it only had a convex mirror on it.

And... yes, this time I did use the photoshop.

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