Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have had this starburst clock for several years. In a past home I had it on a console table against the wall, but now it's on the counter between the kitchen and living space. It looks good from this view, but...

Not so good from the kitchen to living room space…

I knew I would fix it sometime and therefore never even bothered to try and get the "made in.." label off the back. So…finally, I'm having a day of working on the little stuff that makes big differences.

For a couple of years now…every time I looked at it... I would say, "I gotta fix that." Oy! it only took 30 seconds to open up and put one of my stash-of blindspot mirrors onto the back. Finally! it's done. On to another small fix with big rewards.

It's also time to change most of the decorative pillows on my sofa. Yesterday I stopped in to see what was new at Ikea. Ikea has great prices…yes, but it's one of those places that you need to pick and choose wisely if you're going to actually add something from there into your decor. I saw these striped pillow covers and decided that I could mix a couple in with some designer pillows. These pillow covers, with zippers, are only $5! The pillow-fills are just $6 or $7. WoW! Cant even buy fabric for that price. When I held up one of the pillows with the stripes vertical…I said…nah..don't like them, but when I turned the stripes horizontal…Aha! now I like. I'll put the photo's up of how I work them into my design as soon as I decide on the other pillows to add into the mix. 
I also have several other small fixes to take care of, but can't show them until I have the "AFTER" photos ready. Who knows...I may even paint my front door…

No…not orange. This isn't my front door, but it's pretty and it's a good example of a small fix with a big reward.

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