Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I bought a beautiful Gardenia topiary tree. I'm not sure if I can keep it alive in this hot Texas climate, but I'll try. I love the scent of gardenias.

The first bloom appeared this week. Gardenias always remind me of the time when we were at my Mom's house, and my one and a half year old son (now almost 13) picked a gardenia and walked around with it practically attached to his nose all day. He obviously also likes the scent of gardenias, and thankfully I was able to capture a permanent image of that day. Thank God for mommy's with cameras.

Also, Look what I found at TJMaxx today….

Two Chrysler buildings to add to my collection. One silver and one gold…of course I got them both…I do want to be able to sleep tonight.

I also saw this….

The Big Apple! 
It was $450 so I didn't buy it, but it was pretty cool. where does one put a giant size apple?

Now my skyline vignette's are both anchored by chrysler buildings.

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