Tuesday, April 8, 2014


As I strolled through the beautiful Gary Riggs Retail showroom the other day, I noticed, and admired, how often he used two mirrors instead of just one. 

If you cant find a mirror for a long space, then buy two of the same mirrors and display them together. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I not only love a great mirror, but I also have a habit of wanting to buy things in matching pairs. Two chairs, two lamps, two vases, two pillows, two cupcakes, and yes…two mirrors. 

Two mirrors, instead of one, always look great in a bathroom…

(via Coastal Living)

I usually prefer two sconces as well, but this one looks just perfect on it's own between these two mirrors.

(Source unknown)

Gotta love this look, and that beautiful desk too. I also like how they used a square shaped lamp and shade as well. 

Two mirrors don't just have to be hung side by side to look great…

I also like the mirror on mirror effect. 
Like this Herve Van Der Straeten branches mirror (one of my favorites) on top of a larger cleaner style mirror.

And this pretty round mirror over this larger gold famed mirror... which is also reflecting another cool mirror in the background. Love it! And look at that framed photo on the table…clearly it's a photo of a cow in a snow storm.

(David Hicks)

One of my other favorite (Yes…I know, I have lot of favorite stuff) ways to display two mirrors is when an ornate mirror is placed over a mirrored wall. Especially if it's a giant mirror like this one. I have a giant mirror similar to this one in my bedroom…hmmm.

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