Saturday, May 10, 2014


From sphere pillows (see my last post) to art circles.

 I always wondered how they painted those perfect circles.

 I was inspired by a painting in the Laura Lee Clark showroom.

This morning I pulled out the never used lazy susan that I purchased at Ikea. I didn't buy it to use as a lazy susan anyway, I bought it because it was so inexpensive, and I knew that there must be a way to incorporate it into an unusual art piece. I still haven't made that unusual "art piece", but I did find a cool use for it this morning.
I grabbed some random paint colors, a paint brush, and a sheet of paper. I used a tiny piece of double stick tape to keep the paper from spinning off the lazy susan, and just began experimenting.

Once I discovered how well it worked, I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought some mini square canvases. Now I just need to figure out how to make a large one. I'm thinking I may need one of those apparatuses that Tom Cruise used in that Mission Impossible movie. You know…when they lowered him down into the room in that contraption that held him up over the floor.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Loving my new baby pillow.

Inspired by the fun Andrew Yes ("Yes" is his name) sphere pillows, I decided to try to create one of my very own out of some leftover fabric.

Yes, he's a bit small, but he's my first sphere pillow. 
My next sphere will be much bigger, and will have a zipper too. I think the striped fabric was the perfect choice for a sphere pillow. I drew and cut the pattern at an angle so that I would get that cool zig zag effect, and I used cut-up old T-shirts to fill the pillow because I wanted it to be a bit more solid and heavy.

And he plays so well with his other pillow siblings. I'm thinking I definitely may have to add a few more pillow spheres to my home. 

Monday, May 5, 2014


In my last post I showed you this beautiful paper that I purchased from 
Marbled Paper Artist, Catherine Levine.

Today…I reveal the contents of the "Grab Bag" ($10 package of assorted patterns and sizes).

Ta da…! I'm totally loving this fun mix of pattern and colors. 
Now...What masterpieces shall I create out of Catherine Levine's beautiful work? 
To start...

I pulled out four colorful, similar in size, pieces to simply frame, because each piece is frame worthy just as it is.

I first chose a lot of color…because that's what I often do. Right away I knew that the space, I was hanging them in, called for a more…. sophisticated look? less colorful look? not as loud look?….well, you get what I mean.

After all, they are hanging next to highly-cultured "George". George is an inherited painting. I hadn't planned on putting him over the fireplace, but he happened to look best there. My kids were not happy. They said George keeps looking at them….no matter where they are in the room. 

I may cover another box or two with some of the other colorful paper, but I'll probably also frame a few more and mix them into other art groupings around my home.

They are each masterpieces, and I love the way they look simply framed.

I love color, but I think the pieces Catherine made in shades of black and white and the gray and gold are really chic. They would look excellent as wall paper or simply framed. 

Tomorrows post….

How to choose the right pet to match your home decor.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Found a source for some beautiful marbleized paper yesterday. 

As I checked out what events were going on around Dallas this weekend, I read that the Craft Guild of Dallas was having their annual art show and sale. I hadn't been there in years. The Craft Guild of Dallas brings back many memories. Many years ago I was one of the artists showing my creations at a Craft Guild show. I designed and made funky boxes and even a chrysler building table. I'll try to find those photo's to post later. It's where my husband and I met some good friends whom, for years after, we spent many fun weekends with. Together we would hit all the cool art galleries, groovy furniture shops, local festivals, and many great Dallas restaurants. The interesting thing is that after we eventually all had kids...we slowly lost contact with each other. But last weekend, after 12 years... I ran into my old friend at Ikea. I was in the middle of finishing my cool skyscraper art, I needed a couple more frames to finish…so I grabbed my wallet and keys and ran to Ikea. Maybe I should have looked in the mirror first. Yeah…I was dressed like a bum and….well…I thought I was just going to run in through the exit (which is the quickest way to get to the frames) and back out. Suddenly, on the way out the door, I hear "Laurie" as I find myself face to face with my nicely dressed old friend. We caught up and she introduced me to her son again (who was about 2 feet high when I last saw him) now taller than me. When I finally got out to the car and caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror…all I could do was laugh out loud as I wiped off the smudged mascara from under the eyes of my "Yikes!-I-should-have-primped-before-going-out" face. OY! isn't that the way it always happens. 

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting in a "hmmm…does-this-mean-something" way, that after so many years…I just happened to see her and also happen to go to the Craft Guild Show. But wait…there's more. So years after my original Craft Guild art showing, my sister and I took a "Silver smithing 101" class also at the same Craft Guild of Dallas. We, my sister and I, thought we were going to learn how to make our own completely fabulous big silver jewelry. Big silver jewelry was especially hot during that year. We were going to be famous silver jewelry designers. After we discovered that "Silver-smithing 101" was a basic how to simply cut, solder, and polish class ...well…    
but we did have a great time and my sister and I laughed so much in that class that it's a wonder we weren't thrown out. We did each get to make a couple things though…check out my "L" pendant and ring. Hey! my stuff was great. You should have seen what some of the others made.

Ok…back to the great marbled paper source. So as I strolled through the tables of pottery, glass, and jewelry etc…I was suddenly drawn to a table filled with big sheets of beautiful marbleized paper. Catherine Levine, of Richardson Texas, made an impressive array of marbled designs. She mainly does custom work for the Historical Society, but also sells her work at a show here and there. 

She sold each (approx. 18 ½" x 24") sheet of paper for $10, and she also had packages "grab bags" of miscellaneous smaller pieces for $10 each. I purchased a large beautiful blue piece, because it reminds me of water, and a grab bag too. Thanks to Catherine Levine, I now have some very cool projects (masterpieces from masterpieces) in the works…which I will post next week. 

As I was leaving the show, I saw this….

Inspiring green abstract. Love it, but no one seemed to know who the artist actually was. 

Then as I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw…

this funky cup on top of a pancake restaurant. The cup, the sky, the awning…this is one of those fun images that always inspire me.

But wait…there's more….
Just down the road, I saw….

this crazy truck parked in another parking lot. 
Yes, once more…in less than a month…a life sized horse. Is it just me? or….

Is there an unusual amount of life sized horses out there?

So what was with the truck?

It was an advertisement for an eclectic furniture shop called "Durango". They had some normal, and not so normal stuff in this place.

And everyone knows...I dig a place with "not-so-normal" stuff. 

Like the post is titled….this was a "Grab-bag of inspiration" day.
Gotta go get started on my marble paper masterpieces. Don't forget to check back for Mondays reveal.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I spend a lot of time looking up for inspiration.

Am I talking about God? Well, Yes…I'm always talking about God, but today I'm specifically talking about the awesomeness of the gorgeous sky He created, and about how His creation inspires me to create.

When I'm outside, I spend a big part of my time looking up…so much so that it's a wonder that I'm not walking into things. I can't help but love the beauty of white fluffy clouds against the many shades of beautiful blue sky. 
I can often be found photographing those many gorgeous scenes in the sky. On every filled-up camera disk that I own, images of the sky can be found. Those images are pretty enough to enlarge and frame, but they also inspire me to create.

Where some may just see a clump of clouds, I see a picasso.

Or the background image for a collage.

One of my favorite cloud images is from when we spent a year and a half living in North Carolina.

We lived in a home high enough up on Eagles Nest Mountain, that often when we would wake up in the morning, instead of looking up at the clouds, we were looking down at the clouds. This specific picture I stopped to take on my way driving down the mountain to drop off my son at school. As you can imagine, the amazing scenery that we daily found ourselves surrounded by had me constantly declaring how cool God is.

Took this one from my backyard…as I was singing an operatic "ahhh". 

Several years ago I encountered a most amazing sky. As I stepped out of a store just after a very heavy rain, the clouds were very low and the sky was still quite dark and eerie. Suddenly a hole opened up in the dark clouds just over head. Above the dark gray eerie clouds was a scene I'll never forget. Through that opening was a very vivid blue sky with equally vivid shades of turquoise, reds, oranges, and even purple. For a moment I was stunned by it, but then I began to look around because I wanted to make sure others were seeing what I was seeing. If an artist had used those vivid colors to paint a sky I would have said it was an exaggeration. Unfortunately it was before camera phones existed and I was afraid that If I ran into a nearby store to purchase a camera…the hole would be closed. I remember wanting to yell to people across the parking lot, "look up! look up!" I stood there looking up until the hole did eventually close back up. I've never seen anything quite like it again.

This was at the beach in Destin Florida.

Besides that beautiful image of the sky through a hole in the dark stormy clouds, the other very interesting image in the sky I've seen is this one….

I saw this exact image (that small) through a rectangular window over the back door of my house as I was sitting on the sofa. I immediately knew exactly what it was and grabbed my camera.

 In the bottom photo I turned the image around so that you can see it better.

It's not that often that the clouds form such a detailed image. 

So…next time your outside…don't forget to look up.