Saturday, May 3, 2014


Found a source for some beautiful marbleized paper yesterday. 

As I checked out what events were going on around Dallas this weekend, I read that the Craft Guild of Dallas was having their annual art show and sale. I hadn't been there in years. The Craft Guild of Dallas brings back many memories. Many years ago I was one of the artists showing my creations at a Craft Guild show. I designed and made funky boxes and even a chrysler building table. I'll try to find those photo's to post later. It's where my husband and I met some good friends whom, for years after, we spent many fun weekends with. Together we would hit all the cool art galleries, groovy furniture shops, local festivals, and many great Dallas restaurants. The interesting thing is that after we eventually all had kids...we slowly lost contact with each other. But last weekend, after 12 years... I ran into my old friend at Ikea. I was in the middle of finishing my cool skyscraper art, I needed a couple more frames to finish…so I grabbed my wallet and keys and ran to Ikea. Maybe I should have looked in the mirror first. Yeah…I was dressed like a bum and….well…I thought I was just going to run in through the exit (which is the quickest way to get to the frames) and back out. Suddenly, on the way out the door, I hear "Laurie" as I find myself face to face with my nicely dressed old friend. We caught up and she introduced me to her son again (who was about 2 feet high when I last saw him) now taller than me. When I finally got out to the car and caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror…all I could do was laugh out loud as I wiped off the smudged mascara from under the eyes of my "Yikes!-I-should-have-primped-before-going-out" face. OY! isn't that the way it always happens. 

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting in a "hmmm…does-this-mean-something" way, that after so many years…I just happened to see her and also happen to go to the Craft Guild Show. But wait…there's more. So years after my original Craft Guild art showing, my sister and I took a "Silver smithing 101" class also at the same Craft Guild of Dallas. We, my sister and I, thought we were going to learn how to make our own completely fabulous big silver jewelry. Big silver jewelry was especially hot during that year. We were going to be famous silver jewelry designers. After we discovered that "Silver-smithing 101" was a basic how to simply cut, solder, and polish class ...well…    
but we did have a great time and my sister and I laughed so much in that class that it's a wonder we weren't thrown out. We did each get to make a couple things though…check out my "L" pendant and ring. Hey! my stuff was great. You should have seen what some of the others made.

Ok…back to the great marbled paper source. So as I strolled through the tables of pottery, glass, and jewelry etc…I was suddenly drawn to a table filled with big sheets of beautiful marbleized paper. Catherine Levine, of Richardson Texas, made an impressive array of marbled designs. She mainly does custom work for the Historical Society, but also sells her work at a show here and there. 

She sold each (approx. 18 ½" x 24") sheet of paper for $10, and she also had packages "grab bags" of miscellaneous smaller pieces for $10 each. I purchased a large beautiful blue piece, because it reminds me of water, and a grab bag too. Thanks to Catherine Levine, I now have some very cool projects (masterpieces from masterpieces) in the works…which I will post next week. 

As I was leaving the show, I saw this….

Inspiring green abstract. Love it, but no one seemed to know who the artist actually was. 

Then as I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw…

this funky cup on top of a pancake restaurant. The cup, the sky, the awning…this is one of those fun images that always inspire me.

But wait…there's more….
Just down the road, I saw….

this crazy truck parked in another parking lot. 
Yes, once more…in less than a month…a life sized horse. Is it just me? or….

Is there an unusual amount of life sized horses out there?

So what was with the truck?

It was an advertisement for an eclectic furniture shop called "Durango". They had some normal, and not so normal stuff in this place.

And everyone knows...I dig a place with "not-so-normal" stuff. 

Like the post is titled….this was a "Grab-bag of inspiration" day.
Gotta go get started on my marble paper masterpieces. Don't forget to check back for Mondays reveal.

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