Thursday, May 1, 2014


I spend a lot of time looking up for inspiration.

Am I talking about God? Well, Yes…I'm always talking about God, but today I'm specifically talking about the awesomeness of the gorgeous sky He created, and about how His creation inspires me to create.

When I'm outside, I spend a big part of my time looking up…so much so that it's a wonder that I'm not walking into things. I can't help but love the beauty of white fluffy clouds against the many shades of beautiful blue sky. 
I can often be found photographing those many gorgeous scenes in the sky. On every filled-up camera disk that I own, images of the sky can be found. Those images are pretty enough to enlarge and frame, but they also inspire me to create.

Where some may just see a clump of clouds, I see a picasso.

Or the background image for a collage.

One of my favorite cloud images is from when we spent a year and a half living in North Carolina.

We lived in a home high enough up on Eagles Nest Mountain, that often when we would wake up in the morning, instead of looking up at the clouds, we were looking down at the clouds. This specific picture I stopped to take on my way driving down the mountain to drop off my son at school. As you can imagine, the amazing scenery that we daily found ourselves surrounded by had me constantly declaring how cool God is.

Took this one from my backyard…as I was singing an operatic "ahhh". 

Several years ago I encountered a most amazing sky. As I stepped out of a store just after a very heavy rain, the clouds were very low and the sky was still quite dark and eerie. Suddenly a hole opened up in the dark clouds just over head. Above the dark gray eerie clouds was a scene I'll never forget. Through that opening was a very vivid blue sky with equally vivid shades of turquoise, reds, oranges, and even purple. For a moment I was stunned by it, but then I began to look around because I wanted to make sure others were seeing what I was seeing. If an artist had used those vivid colors to paint a sky I would have said it was an exaggeration. Unfortunately it was before camera phones existed and I was afraid that If I ran into a nearby store to purchase a camera…the hole would be closed. I remember wanting to yell to people across the parking lot, "look up! look up!" I stood there looking up until the hole did eventually close back up. I've never seen anything quite like it again.

This was at the beach in Destin Florida.

Besides that beautiful image of the sky through a hole in the dark stormy clouds, the other very interesting image in the sky I've seen is this one….

I saw this exact image (that small) through a rectangular window over the back door of my house as I was sitting on the sofa. I immediately knew exactly what it was and grabbed my camera.

 In the bottom photo I turned the image around so that you can see it better.

It's not that often that the clouds form such a detailed image. 

So…next time your outside…don't forget to look up.

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