Monday, May 5, 2014


In my last post I showed you this beautiful paper that I purchased from 
Marbled Paper Artist, Catherine Levine.

Today…I reveal the contents of the "Grab Bag" ($10 package of assorted patterns and sizes).

Ta da…! I'm totally loving this fun mix of pattern and colors. 
Now...What masterpieces shall I create out of Catherine Levine's beautiful work? 
To start...

I pulled out four colorful, similar in size, pieces to simply frame, because each piece is frame worthy just as it is.

I first chose a lot of color…because that's what I often do. Right away I knew that the space, I was hanging them in, called for a more…. sophisticated look? less colorful look? not as loud look?….well, you get what I mean.

After all, they are hanging next to highly-cultured "George". George is an inherited painting. I hadn't planned on putting him over the fireplace, but he happened to look best there. My kids were not happy. They said George keeps looking at them….no matter where they are in the room. 

I may cover another box or two with some of the other colorful paper, but I'll probably also frame a few more and mix them into other art groupings around my home.

They are each masterpieces, and I love the way they look simply framed.

I love color, but I think the pieces Catherine made in shades of black and white and the gray and gold are really chic. They would look excellent as wall paper or simply framed. 

Tomorrows post….

How to choose the right pet to match your home decor.


  1. That looks amazing. What a fantastic idea. I really like the feathery looking one.

    1. Thank you. It was fun, and I like that one too.