Monday, June 30, 2014


I didn't plan on buying anything this weekend, but then…
I had one of those moments when I see something interesting that I can't stop looking at. I pick it up, I put it down, and I even take a photo of it …before I finally decide I need to just take it home.

I ran into one of those stores that I can't stop myself from just checking out every now and then to see if there just might be something that I've got to have. On this just-checking-visit, I saw this groovy Cynthia Rowley pillow that looks like a modern piece of art. I looked at it, walked away, looked at it again…well, you get the point. I haven't decided exactly where to put it yet, but I'm glad I brought it home.

I also ran into Ikea, where I discovered these great orange,red, and fuchsia faux-alligator picture frames.

They come in a set of 3 for only $15. Again, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to put them. Cool colors, and 3 for $15… c'mon …I couldn't be expected to pass something like that by.

And one more groovy thing…

I ran into a Joann Fabric store for…I can't remember what exactly, but I do remember that on the way out…this guy/gal caught my eye. It amused me, and I began to imagine what fun things, besides an actual plant, that I might choose to put into him/her. I always enjoy mixing some unusual things in with the "usual" things in my home. I didn't even have to think about whether or not I should buy it…once I noticed the 80% off sign. It looks like something that Jonathan Adler would design. Once I figure out where to put my new pillow and frames, and what to put into my new lips-planter, I will be sure to share.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hello Yellow! I like the way you illuminate this space.

I will call this room…A BURST OF SUNSHINE.
That mirror, the lamps, those pillows, and that big-unexpected-golden-snail.… You gotta be in a good mood in this space.

This tasteful vignette says, "Wouldn't I look perfect in your beautiful white villa over-looking the Mediterranean?"  Okay okay …or maybe…. "In your lovely home out in the middle of the suburbs that you really wish was overlooking the Mediterranean?" 
I want those 4 mirrors and that zebra bench too!

These white rattan "I wish I were at the beach"-chairs are a great way to bring that, "beach" or "sipping tea on the veranda"-style into any space. 
Oh, and by the way, if you haven't already guessed… I just paid a visit to the always-so-chic Mecox in Dallas.

Another great, Bring-the-beach-home chair. This is the lovely woven bird wing lounge chair.

I always get inspired at this sophisticated, and yet fun, store. Not a… happy clowns that make flowers and poodles out of balloons… fun. More like a… 

…You never know what totally unexpected and interesting items that you might see… kind of fun.
And speaking of fun…

Mecox is featuring some great iconic Slim Aaron images right now. This one is… Hotel Du Cap. This is a great way to get that Mediterranean view without having to buy that villa we were discussing earlier.

Check out this swanky space which was inspired by yet another iconic Slim Aaron image.

 You don't have to be a "Bunny" fan to like this stylishly vibe.
The lighting is great, but I especially dig….

…These groovy blue velvet and chrome chairs.

What Inspired you?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



That's exactly what I said when I saw this stunning sphere of purple, in a field next to Chick-Fil-A,  just as I was pulling into the drive-thru for an iced tea. After I got my tea, I quickly pulled over, grabbed my camera, and captured this beautiful image. I want to paint it on a big canvas, I want to make a sphere pillow that looks just like it, I want to have a big bowl of them on my dining room table…etc…etc... Yes! it filled me with many inspiring ideas, but finally a few weeks after I took this photo, I decided to first pick a few to put in a vase.
They would look great in a vase….right?

Yeah…that's what I thought too…until I went out to cut some.
They look like lovely-purple-poofs, but they're really "ferocious-spikey-weeds!"
It was quite painful, but I was determined to tame a few of these wild beasts.

Apparently, this is thistle. So let me just worn you…if you touch it…thistle hurt.
I definitely wont be picking anymore of these ferocious fellas, but I still think they look pretty cool. After my battle scars heal, I may still get the paint and canvas out. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


I had a hankerin' to create this weekend. 

It was time to once again pull out the colorful graphic wrapping paper.  

I found a great new roll of paper for a mere $1.99, the groovy diamonds on the right, at Tuesday Morning a few days ago. 

This specific project was inspired by some fun graphic silhouette prints, designed by artist Emma Brooks, that I saw at Crate & Barrel a couple months ago. My niece, Kelsey, is getting ready to re-do her bedroom, so I created these for her. She's more of a cat lover, so I chose to go with cats instead of the dogs.

After I chose my 4 wrapping paper designs, I then pulled up and printed some fun cat silhouette shapes on my computer. I used a very small piece of double-stick tape to keep the cat pattern on the back side of my wrapping paper as I carefully cut around the silhouette. 

And then I used some spray mount to attach my groovy cats to, in this case, some 12" X 12" pieces of white bristol board. Another great option would be to just Mod Podge the cats onto square canvases like the Emma Brooks art.

Now I just need the perfect frames.

Framed in white hanging on a wall covered with this fabulous Jeff Lewis wallpaper would be perfect.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


I suddenly find myself loving fluorescent orange, fuchsia, and yellow.

Look how fabulous these fluorescent colors look in this gorgeous  Mecox, Dallas living room design. Check out these beautiful pillows...

What an excellent way to bring summer into a home. 

Thanks to Jason Snider of Mecox in Dallas who sent us these gorgeous photos. I'm jealous that he gets to play with all this beautiful merchandise. When I say "play" , obviously I mean work very hard at arranging and displaying all these wonderful pieces. One of these days I'm going to talk him into taking me to see (and photograph for you peeps of course) this mysterious "warehouse" he's always telling me about. The hidden place where all the new and totally fabulous pieces come from.

Loving this vignette. The great colorful art that pulls the room together so well and those fun brass ducks look fantastic with the geometric lamps that I've had my eye on for some time. I'm also a big fan of great looking black shades.

This is a great example of how you can take the basic pieces that you already have, like a sofa, coffee table, and chairs, and completely liven them up with some new colorful lamps, art, and decorative pillows. 

Another great looking vignette. What a fun piece of art. This great photo makes me want to re-decorate some spaces in my house. I think I've mentioned in a past post that I always love a space where you can see the reflection of the chandelier in the mirror.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I always enjoy paying a visit to the Jonathan Adler store.

It's the one place where I know I can always find some fabulous, fun, colorful, groovy and yes…hip! design. You know I love me some Rex Ray art, and these super vibrant pieces happen to look really great next to these equally colorful decanters. I'm also diggin' the turtle shell lamps.

This day I was feeling the "Get ready for some Summer Fun" vibe as I walked in the door and saw all the cool and colorful poolside gear.

This great rug would look excellent in my house.

Although I some times feel like I'm living with a few baboons, I never actually considered adding one to my home decor, but if I do…these look pretty good.

There were some fun new pieces in the store today. I like the puzzle chandelier, the new ceramic critters and especially those super hip yellow and orange Okura planters.

Jonathan Adler ceramic animals and pottery pieces are always fun to look at. Gotta love that camel!

Have I mentioned the word "COLORFUL" yet?
I want a couple of those chairs…any color will do…but I'm thinking black or a charcoal gray would also be pretty great against the white lacquer.

Rex Ray art married with Jonathan Adler design is a perfect duo…don't you think ?

You can't see it so well in this photo, but there is a great new collection of sequined "Nico" pillows. Maybe it's time to throw a sequined pillow into your home decor mix.  Aha! there's a lightbulb currently floating above my head. I've just been inspired to …. we'll you'll have to wait and see it in a future post.

This picture brings back a memory of the first time I visited Spain with my husband. He's Swedish, but moved to and lived in Spain from the age of 11 to 20. While we were visiting, one of my husband's old friends invited us to his mom's house. I was a bit stunned when we walked in the door because it was a scene straight out of the groovy 1960's and very early 70's. It was totally "Groovy Baby!" Austin Powers would have been right at home. It was a bit shocking at the time, and I was pretty sure some medication might have been called for, but now 20 something years later…I wish I could go back and check it out again. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour and have a Hip Happy Groovy day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Inspired by an orange and white traffic barrel. 
Now, that's a sentence I never expected to be writing.


You just never know what unusual things you might bump into while driving down the road. I was thinking this guy was pretty clever, but then...

…Only a few miles down the road I happened upon this guy. A dinosaur? or maybe Godzilla? I don't know for sure exactly who or what he is, or who or what built him, but I like him.

This is why I always keep my camera with me. 
It's the kind of totally unexpected "ART" that makes me happy. 
Later that night, after photographing these fun highway sculptures, as I was taking a short drive to a drive-thru to buy an iced tea… Yes! because I was too lazy to just make one….anyway, as I was saying… on my way for my tea …my son and I saw a bunch of traffic cones surrounding some freshly poured sidewalk concrete. I said, "let's stop and make something cool out of all those cones."  
Alas, he wouldn't go for it.

( My Modern Met )
It turn's out that there are several artists around the country who's medium happens to be road side construction. This guy...

…and this critter were made by an artist a.k.a. road construction vandal.
The lengths some will go through to create their vision…inspire me.

Monday, June 16, 2014


This week I happened upon a consignment store I hadn't been into before.


I always find an eclectic mix of items to be inspiring. This shop, Dulce on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas, definitely has an eclectic mix of home decor merchandise. This day I found a groovy Chihuly inspired chandelier, a cool orange mid-century style swivel chair, a fun doggy bookend set, and many other fun and funky items.

Love that pink and blue pillow and those vases too, but
what captured my attention the most was the interesting mix of art displayed. The "Bunny Tenderness" painting behind the sofa, and the "Rabbit on My Dreams" painting in the bottom left-hand corner are by Dallas artist, Jesus Galvan. They made me smile, and smiling is always good.  …well, that's unless it comes with an eye roll. But, I can say that there was no eye rolling on this particular day, and that's not just because my husband was out of town either.

Just around the corner I found this inspiring collection of 8"x 8" treasures which happened to have been painted by the same artist…Jesus Galvan. Clearly a talented artist that likes to mix it up.

They're not just fun to look at, they're also quite affordable at only $95 each. 

I think they look best displayed in a collection of 4 or more.

I photographed 5 of them but there were at least 8 or more on display.
I love all the great colors he used. 

There was certainly a large variety of art to be seen at Dulce. 
It's definitely not just a regular consignment shop, it seems to be an art gallery as well.  
When I walked in the door, the first thing I saw…more like..couldn't exactly miss…was Sasso's very bold "Cactus Cat". I'm thinking that this colorful artist must have watched a lot of Felix the cat, just like I did, when he was very young.

These pieces caught my eye because I'm always inspired by a mix of old and new... modern with traditional. I enjoy the look of framing modern paintings in gold traditional style ornate frames, that is of course...as long as they are not too gaudy. And those crystal sconces that have been mounted onto red lacquered bases inspire me to work on a groovy new sconce project.

This black lamp is kind of interesting. It could look quite great in just the right setting. Unfortunately it's named "Studio Babylon". I don't want the tower of babel in my house. Obviously there would have to be a re-naming ceremony.  Bethlehem wont do, but it does look like another "B" city, I'm seeing "Barcelona" right? Doesn't it look like a Barcelona?

This origami mirror is nice. Actually, I think all 3 of these pieces would work very nicely together in a space. The cowhide bench would look excellent at the foot of someones bed. The mirror can go over the headboard and that ugly fan over the bed can be replaced with this lovely white chandelier. What? You need a fan in your room? C'mon sometimes we have to sweat a little for the sake of great style. But seriously, I live in Texas,  I know why you need a fan in your room. I keep wanting to design a fan /chandelier that doesn't look like a fan that someone attached a chandelier to. I'm still working on it.