Monday, June 16, 2014


This week I happened upon a consignment store I hadn't been into before.


I always find an eclectic mix of items to be inspiring. This shop, Dulce on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas, definitely has an eclectic mix of home decor merchandise. This day I found a groovy Chihuly inspired chandelier, a cool orange mid-century style swivel chair, a fun doggy bookend set, and many other fun and funky items.

Love that pink and blue pillow and those vases too, but
what captured my attention the most was the interesting mix of art displayed. The "Bunny Tenderness" painting behind the sofa, and the "Rabbit on My Dreams" painting in the bottom left-hand corner are by Dallas artist, Jesus Galvan. They made me smile, and smiling is always good.  …well, that's unless it comes with an eye roll. But, I can say that there was no eye rolling on this particular day, and that's not just because my husband was out of town either.

Just around the corner I found this inspiring collection of 8"x 8" treasures which happened to have been painted by the same artist…Jesus Galvan. Clearly a talented artist that likes to mix it up.

They're not just fun to look at, they're also quite affordable at only $95 each. 

I think they look best displayed in a collection of 4 or more.

I photographed 5 of them but there were at least 8 or more on display.
I love all the great colors he used. 

There was certainly a large variety of art to be seen at Dulce. 
It's definitely not just a regular consignment shop, it seems to be an art gallery as well.  
When I walked in the door, the first thing I saw…more like..couldn't exactly miss…was Sasso's very bold "Cactus Cat". I'm thinking that this colorful artist must have watched a lot of Felix the cat, just like I did, when he was very young.

These pieces caught my eye because I'm always inspired by a mix of old and new... modern with traditional. I enjoy the look of framing modern paintings in gold traditional style ornate frames, that is of course...as long as they are not too gaudy. And those crystal sconces that have been mounted onto red lacquered bases inspire me to work on a groovy new sconce project.

This black lamp is kind of interesting. It could look quite great in just the right setting. Unfortunately it's named "Studio Babylon". I don't want the tower of babel in my house. Obviously there would have to be a re-naming ceremony.  Bethlehem wont do, but it does look like another "B" city, I'm seeing "Barcelona" right? Doesn't it look like a Barcelona?

This origami mirror is nice. Actually, I think all 3 of these pieces would work very nicely together in a space. The cowhide bench would look excellent at the foot of someones bed. The mirror can go over the headboard and that ugly fan over the bed can be replaced with this lovely white chandelier. What? You need a fan in your room? C'mon sometimes we have to sweat a little for the sake of great style. But seriously, I live in Texas,  I know why you need a fan in your room. I keep wanting to design a fan /chandelier that doesn't look like a fan that someone attached a chandelier to. I'm still working on it.

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