Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I always enjoy paying a visit to the Jonathan Adler store.

It's the one place where I know I can always find some fabulous, fun, colorful, groovy and yes…hip! design. You know I love me some Rex Ray art, and these super vibrant pieces happen to look really great next to these equally colorful decanters. I'm also diggin' the turtle shell lamps.

This day I was feeling the "Get ready for some Summer Fun" vibe as I walked in the door and saw all the cool and colorful poolside gear.

This great rug would look excellent in my house.

Although I some times feel like I'm living with a few baboons, I never actually considered adding one to my home decor, but if I do…these look pretty good.

There were some fun new pieces in the store today. I like the puzzle chandelier, the new ceramic critters and especially those super hip yellow and orange Okura planters.

Jonathan Adler ceramic animals and pottery pieces are always fun to look at. Gotta love that camel!

Have I mentioned the word "COLORFUL" yet?
I want a couple of those chairs…any color will do…but I'm thinking black or a charcoal gray would also be pretty great against the white lacquer.

Rex Ray art married with Jonathan Adler design is a perfect duo…don't you think ?

You can't see it so well in this photo, but there is a great new collection of sequined "Nico" pillows. Maybe it's time to throw a sequined pillow into your home decor mix.  Aha! there's a lightbulb currently floating above my head. I've just been inspired to …. we'll you'll have to wait and see it in a future post.

This picture brings back a memory of the first time I visited Spain with my husband. He's Swedish, but moved to and lived in Spain from the age of 11 to 20. While we were visiting, one of my husband's old friends invited us to his mom's house. I was a bit stunned when we walked in the door because it was a scene straight out of the groovy 1960's and very early 70's. It was totally "Groovy Baby!" Austin Powers would have been right at home. It was a bit shocking at the time, and I was pretty sure some medication might have been called for, but now 20 something years later…I wish I could go back and check it out again. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour and have a Hip Happy Groovy day!

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