Thursday, June 12, 2014


Another inspiring day at the museum mall.

Ya gotta love that Northpark Center in Dallas. Not just because of its great selection of stores and groovy architecture, but also because of the truly fabulous collection of art. This hard to miss piece is "AD ASTRA" by Mark Di Suvero, and that's my son in the bottom right hand corner giving me that "Mom, are you seriously going to stop and take photo's every 5 minutes" look. "Yes!" was my answer of course.

Andy Warhol's "AD'S" beautify this lovely corner of the mall. 
When I walk through Northpark, I can't help but think back on my earliest days in Dallas. I was only 19 when I moved here to become a student of the "Art Institute of Dallas". I actually met my husband on my second day here in Dallas. A few months later … after he finally convinced me to go on a date with him, I remember buying the outfit that I wore on our first date at a store just a few feet away from where I was standing to take this photo. I remember it so clearly because I used the "food" money my parents sent me to buy that outfit, which meant that my also often-broke-roommates and I had to get very clever about attending events with free food for the next week and a half. Those were the years that looking good felt more important than eating…wish I still had a bit of that logic now. Anyway, several years after we were married I was employed in this mall, and that's when I officially stopped highlighting my hair and became a redhead. What? Isn't that an important historical moment? I worked in the designer sportswear department in the Neiman Marcus store, and one of my co-workers said, "you would look good as a redhead". I don't think she was saying I didn't look good the way I already was…she was just suggesting…well now I'm wondering...
 Another several years after that, I was once again employed in this mall as a manager of a store when I became pregnant with my first son…the son who's now annoyed by all my picture taking. Wow! As I'm writing this…I'm remembering and surprised by my vast, interesting, and life altering history in this mall. Hmmm…as I ponder all that… I'll finish taking you through the tour of this suddenly more peculiar day of art.

Just down from Neiman Marcus, we found this temporary art instillation of 3 water towers by Ivan Navarro. At first they looked interesting but not very inspiring, but then...when we walked under them and looked up…aha that's where the real show is. I waited to see if angels would begin to ascend and descend this ladder that seemed to go straight up into the heavens, but no such luck.

Were you wondering when I would get to the "annoying" art? Well, here it is… Jonathan Borofsky's "CHATTERING MAN LOOKING UP". You can't hear it, but we certainly did. When you stand next to it…you can observe his mouth opening and closing as you hear the constant and annoying mantra "chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter…" that this piece of art never stops uttering. OY! In a space near by was a collection of giant hammering-men sculptures that I considered sliding this verbally challenged guy under.

After hearing the annoying chatter of "Chattering Man" we stepped out into the courtyard, for some peace and quiet, where we found some lovely landscaping as well as more art of course.

This piece is titled, "THE WORLD TURNED OUTSIDE IN" by Anish Kapoor.

If you were to slap a couple of eyeballs on it, in just the right place, it could also be … a moon with a big nose. I once had one of those hanging in my room when I was little.
Ok…my son's were now over all the "Art exploration" so now I had to go to where they wanted to go…. 

...to "Foot Locker" where we checked out all the latest basketball shoes and current "must have socks". But it seemed we weren't really finished viewing "ART"…because If you ever step into one of the many sportswear stores and scan the latest sneaker collections….

I didn't expect to find myself so inspired by a pair of basketball shoes.

On the way out of the mall I found the most fun art of the day in the children's department at Nordstrom.

I love these little guys that have been created from found objects.
I want this one on the horse!

It makes me want to go through my cabinets and see what I can create from all those kitchen appliances and utensils that I never actually use.

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