Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Inspired by an orange and white traffic barrel. 
Now, that's a sentence I never expected to be writing.


You just never know what unusual things you might bump into while driving down the road. I was thinking this guy was pretty clever, but then...

…Only a few miles down the road I happened upon this guy. A dinosaur? or maybe Godzilla? I don't know for sure exactly who or what he is, or who or what built him, but I like him.

This is why I always keep my camera with me. 
It's the kind of totally unexpected "ART" that makes me happy. 
Later that night, after photographing these fun highway sculptures, as I was taking a short drive to a drive-thru to buy an iced tea… Yes! because I was too lazy to just make one….anyway, as I was saying… on my way for my tea …my son and I saw a bunch of traffic cones surrounding some freshly poured sidewalk concrete. I said, "let's stop and make something cool out of all those cones."  
Alas, he wouldn't go for it.

( My Modern Met )
It turn's out that there are several artists around the country who's medium happens to be road side construction. This guy...

…and this critter were made by an artist a.k.a. road construction vandal.
The lengths some will go through to create their vision…inspire me.


  1. Pretty sure the second and third were on I-35 south of Denton TX. I remember seeing them there last year. The tall guy, number one? was that on 35 too? or another highway in the Dallas area. Missed the gator. Good finds, all of em.

    1. Lol, Yes, on I35 last year. I've seen a few fun new ones that I'll have to go photograph and add to the post. Took some time off while writing a book, but am about to start posting again. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. My Modern Met dude was arrested in NC on a misdemeanor theft of cones in 2009.