Monday, June 23, 2014


I had a hankerin' to create this weekend. 

It was time to once again pull out the colorful graphic wrapping paper.  

I found a great new roll of paper for a mere $1.99, the groovy diamonds on the right, at Tuesday Morning a few days ago. 

This specific project was inspired by some fun graphic silhouette prints, designed by artist Emma Brooks, that I saw at Crate & Barrel a couple months ago. My niece, Kelsey, is getting ready to re-do her bedroom, so I created these for her. She's more of a cat lover, so I chose to go with cats instead of the dogs.

After I chose my 4 wrapping paper designs, I then pulled up and printed some fun cat silhouette shapes on my computer. I used a very small piece of double-stick tape to keep the cat pattern on the back side of my wrapping paper as I carefully cut around the silhouette. 

And then I used some spray mount to attach my groovy cats to, in this case, some 12" X 12" pieces of white bristol board. Another great option would be to just Mod Podge the cats onto square canvases like the Emma Brooks art.

Now I just need the perfect frames.

Framed in white hanging on a wall covered with this fabulous Jeff Lewis wallpaper would be perfect.


  1. Loved the cats! Are you selling them?

    1. The obvious answer to that question is... if you're buying- then I'm selling!
      Seriously, If you're really interested you can contact me at Inspiredyetagain@gmail.com
      but…if that's you Mom...