Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hello Yellow! I like the way you illuminate this space.

I will call this room…A BURST OF SUNSHINE.
That mirror, the lamps, those pillows, and that big-unexpected-golden-snail.… You gotta be in a good mood in this space.

This tasteful vignette says, "Wouldn't I look perfect in your beautiful white villa over-looking the Mediterranean?"  Okay okay …or maybe…. "In your lovely home out in the middle of the suburbs that you really wish was overlooking the Mediterranean?" 
I want those 4 mirrors and that zebra bench too!

These white rattan "I wish I were at the beach"-chairs are a great way to bring that, "beach" or "sipping tea on the veranda"-style into any space. 
Oh, and by the way, if you haven't already guessed… I just paid a visit to the always-so-chic Mecox in Dallas.

Another great, Bring-the-beach-home chair. This is the lovely woven bird wing lounge chair.

I always get inspired at this sophisticated, and yet fun, store. Not a… happy clowns that make flowers and poodles out of balloons… fun. More like a… 

…You never know what totally unexpected and interesting items that you might see… kind of fun.
And speaking of fun…

Mecox is featuring some great iconic Slim Aaron images right now. This one is… Hotel Du Cap. This is a great way to get that Mediterranean view without having to buy that villa we were discussing earlier.

Check out this swanky space which was inspired by yet another iconic Slim Aaron image.

 You don't have to be a "Bunny" fan to like this stylishly vibe.
The lighting is great, but I especially dig….

…These groovy blue velvet and chrome chairs.

What Inspired you?


  1. The minute I saw the first picture, I knew where you were. After seeing more of them, I need to go visit the store to see some of these new fabulous things. (I want the Slim piece.) I love the store and adore the people who make it so wonderful! Great post :)

    1. Thank You Courtney… for your lovely comment, and especially for paying my "still-young" blog a visit.