Monday, July 21, 2014


After our flop of a gallery visit on Friday, I took another drive around the Dallas Design district to see if I could scope out some new inspiration.

I stopped in at a place called AGAIN & AGAIN. I remembered reading that it was a place where they collected and then sold vintage furniture after they gave it a make-over. The outside was pink and black and looked kind of like a bakery store front. My 2 boys said they weren't going in there unless they sold cupcakes. OY!

I found a few groovy pieces that I wouldn't mind taking home, like this great little fur bench/stool.

And, that credenza/dresser piece with the gold hardware and great legs, and those purple, possibly 2014's Radiant Orchid, nightstands are also pretty inspiring.

I'm not so sure about this over-accessorized mannequin-woman who appears to have misplaced her legs. 

Although, I would definitely like to see some other works by the artist who had the patience to place all this jewelry. Hmmm…. 'LIGHTBULB' as I look at this photograph and imagine it blown up (very large), I'm thinking it would make an inspiring piece of art. YES! I shall file that thought in my head…with the million other ideas I currently have swimming around up there.

Maybe you should take another look at that old lamp you have, just put a great new lampshade on it, and you might find that you own an inspiring piece of vintage art worth displaying.  

It's fun to look around a place where you might see a giant sized painting of a bear(?), a groovy chandelier, and a yellow wave of a chair.

Aha! There they are.

I'll leave you with……                  ?                     …there are no words. 

It's something you just have to see to… appreciate? believe? 

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I thought it would be fun and hopefully inspiring for my kids to come with me to check out a great gallery I hadn't yet visited. Art is always inspiring…right? 

My boys were complaining a bit about going with me, but I convinced them about how cool it will be to see some inspiring modern art.  

Finally, by the time we arrived at our gallery destination, they decided that it could possibly be a fun experience to go ahead and check it out with me. As we made our way up the purple carpeted entrance steps….

"Are you kidding me!" I say a bit loudly as I read this totally uninspiring and frankly annoying little sign.  
I made the boys wait outside while I ran in to ask a few questions. I tried to pretend that I couldn't see the completely obscene very large painting hanging just to my right, as the friendly receptionist at the front desk tried to convince me that this was an unusual thing…a showing of art the required a warning…at this gallery.
The cool thing was that they opened up a closed off, and totally non-obscene, section of the gallery, and allowed us to come in another door.

Unfortunately, my boys, who now knew that there was some mysterious inappropriate art in another room nearby, couldn't appreciate the art currently in front of them. OY! 
The art we did view was by Artist, and movie director, Julian Schnabel. He's the artist that created the very inspiring…

Plate Art… some years back.

As we were leaving, we found some fun street art just outside the building.

While my boys thought it was hilarious, this was not the day I had planned.

Friday, July 18, 2014


 I am a lover of 'Water Art'.

I must have water art in my home!
I found these while strolling through the Wisteria outlet in Dallas.

They look great in this space of a modern and traditional mix. That's a great sofa, and I'm diggin' the clear acrylic tables as well.

This is the 'Ghost Table'. It would look good in almost any space. 
Yes, I will get back to the water art in a moment, but since I took the time to take these lovely photo's to share with my blog viewers, let's just spend a brief moment to look at some other fun home decor ideas that I found at the Wisteria outlet.

I'm really liking this big shell art and those great acrylic chairs. This is a fun way to bring the beach into your home… without having all that wet sticky sand all over the place.  

Good idea for wall art, take note. I still love these great walls.

Ok, it's time to get back to what has really inspired me…that great water art.

It inspired me to get out the paint and create.

A bit of watercolor blue paint and some cut out strips of water (from a magazine or photo) and…
 viola! a water abstract.

It's a small start, but what I really want is a very big image of…

As soon as I get the perfect pool-water-photo, I'll send it off for enlargement. Every time I visit someone's pool, I take a photo, but I'm still waiting for "the one". 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


From the day my husband bought me my new camera, and the beginning of this blog, I've taken over 2000 photo's. Most of the time I have a specific post in mind while taking photos, but other times, I just see something interesting, amusing, or inspiring that makes me stop and take a picture. 

These are a just few of my recent musings.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Always inspired, even by the annoyingly early Christmas ornaments already hitting the market, I made a fun new deer head wall sculpture.

Seriously, it's only July, do they have to start selling Christmas ornaments NOW?
That's what I said, a bit perplexed, as I walked past a row of Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby last week. But then…I saw these great silver deer heads. Suddenly, 'LIGHT BULB!' Christmas in July was working for me. 

It's made of some kind of plastic, but it has a very nice silverleaf-looking-finish on it. So, I grabbed one of these $5.99 dudes and began to ponder the possibilities. Hmmm…maybe I can glue him to the front of my car as a hood ornament. 

I guess I'll save that idea for Christmas.

After literally examining all sides…

I purchased a wood plaque thingy ($2.33) in the lots-o-wooden-stuff-department.

I painted my 7"x10" wood plaque, black with a white edge, and then glued on my deer head dude. I believe I shall call him "FRANK".

I may even put him in a fancy frame.

…And add him to my art wall grouping. Anyway, I think he's a pretty good looking dude for less than $10.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I strolled into Legacy Antiques in the Dallas design district with a friend over the weekend. She needed to get out of the house, she has small children, and she knows that I always enjoy an excuse to get out and find new inspiration. 

Wow, what a beautiful place to find some great 18th and 19th century antiques. 
 Ok, so I'm not exactly a connoisseur of such things, but I do know great style when I see it. I would love to own a few of these fabulous sconces. I'm putting them on the wish list.

These are the very inspiring and lovely pieces that I think go perfectly with a bit of modern decor. Keep scrolling down and I'll show you what I mean.

But first, let's take a moment to ooh and ahh.  OOh…Crystal chandeliers, golden lamps, and venetian mirrors.

Ahh…mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors. 

How fabulous it will be…work with me I'm prophesying into my future!… As I was saying, How fabulous it will be to put a gorgeous french antique Louis…the XV? The XVI? … one of the Louis' mirrors, over a beautiful console and next to a pair of my wish-list-sconces.

This look, as seen in the showroom, is quite lovely, but I would….

Change it up a little to my vision. I love the mix of old and new, antique and modern. I could go in several directions with the sconces, and I would of course add a beautiful slab of marble on top of the console. What do you think? 
If I owned the very ornate gold sconces, as seen in the original showroom image, 

I would use them to flank a large piece of modern art. 

I could definitely find a great space for any of these fabulous mirrors. The wish list gets longer. I like this place, and I know that my stylish-antique-lovin'-parents would like this place as well.

This venetian mirror would be perfect in a minimal vignette with a simple white lacquered parsons style console. My parent's would cringe! They don't do modern. They may not love my specific style, but they love me.

Wow, If I had a daughter, I would want this for her room.

Today, we looked at big ticket design, but tomorrow… well, I spent less than $10 on tomorrow's edition of great decorating ideas .So, come back and check it out! My parents might even like it.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


The new pillows on my reading chair were calling for some new art.

So again, just as I did in my 'Antique French Wall Becomes Modern Art' post (HERE), I went to the computer and printed out a large flower image using 4 separate pages to get it big enough.

Then I grabbed some fuchsia and orange paint, that matched my new pillows, and began to experiment. 

The paint was good, but it needed something more. I grabbed a few colored pencils, and again began to experiment. The left side just has paint, but the right side of this image has the added pencil effect. I liked it much better now.

Then I grabbed one of my always handy white Ikea frames. It comes with an off white mat which I will change to just white, which I always prefer, later. I think it works great with the pillows. Remember, if you scroll back a couple of posts, this look was inspired by the look I saw at Wisteria (HERE).

Wow! Don't be scared! This pillow looks way more fuchsia in this image than on my actual chair. It must be a camera thing.

So… are you asking…what does Laurie read while sitting in her lovely reading corner?

I like to read life changing stuff. One of the many books I've read in this corner is The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, by Steven K. Scott. It's an excellent book. It's one of those books that everyone should read. 

My synopses…

When he couldn't hold a job or find success, and asked for advice, he was told that if he would do just 'one thing' he would end up smarter than all of his future bosses and probably even be a millionaire within 5 years. He listened, did the one thing, and became a multimillionaire in less than the 5 years. That 'ONE THING' was to read one chapter a day, of the 31 chapters, of Proverbs. Not just for one month, but everyday for the next 2 years. Read it, and write down what you learn. He goes on to explain the details of the wisdom he learned and how it completely changed his life.

I've heard it was a good thing to do (read a chapter of the book of Proverbs each day corresponding with the date) and attempted to do this in the past, but reading this book put an exclamation mark on it. And YES! it's life changing.

By the way, the reason I titled this post "JULY" in the reading corner, is so that I can change the pillows and art again in August  and September and October etc…  I can't help it that I'm always…Inspired Yet Again.

So, consider this post as the first in a series of "What does Laurie's reading corner look like this month?"