Friday, July 18, 2014


 I am a lover of 'Water Art'.

I must have water art in my home!
I found these while strolling through the Wisteria outlet in Dallas.

They look great in this space of a modern and traditional mix. That's a great sofa, and I'm diggin' the clear acrylic tables as well.

This is the 'Ghost Table'. It would look good in almost any space. 
Yes, I will get back to the water art in a moment, but since I took the time to take these lovely photo's to share with my blog viewers, let's just spend a brief moment to look at some other fun home decor ideas that I found at the Wisteria outlet.

I'm really liking this big shell art and those great acrylic chairs. This is a fun way to bring the beach into your home… without having all that wet sticky sand all over the place.  

Good idea for wall art, take note. I still love these great walls.

Ok, it's time to get back to what has really inspired me…that great water art.

It inspired me to get out the paint and create.

A bit of watercolor blue paint and some cut out strips of water (from a magazine or photo) and…
 viola! a water abstract.

It's a small start, but what I really want is a very big image of…

As soon as I get the perfect pool-water-photo, I'll send it off for enlargement. Every time I visit someone's pool, I take a photo, but I'm still waiting for "the one". 

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