Monday, July 21, 2014


After our flop of a gallery visit on Friday, I took another drive around the Dallas Design district to see if I could scope out some new inspiration.

I stopped in at a place called AGAIN & AGAIN. I remembered reading that it was a place where they collected and then sold vintage furniture after they gave it a make-over. The outside was pink and black and looked kind of like a bakery store front. My 2 boys said they weren't going in there unless they sold cupcakes. OY!

I found a few groovy pieces that I wouldn't mind taking home, like this great little fur bench/stool.

And, that credenza/dresser piece with the gold hardware and great legs, and those purple, possibly 2014's Radiant Orchid, nightstands are also pretty inspiring.

I'm not so sure about this over-accessorized mannequin-woman who appears to have misplaced her legs. 

Although, I would definitely like to see some other works by the artist who had the patience to place all this jewelry. Hmmm…. 'LIGHTBULB' as I look at this photograph and imagine it blown up (very large), I'm thinking it would make an inspiring piece of art. YES! I shall file that thought in my head…with the million other ideas I currently have swimming around up there.

Maybe you should take another look at that old lamp you have, just put a great new lampshade on it, and you might find that you own an inspiring piece of vintage art worth displaying.  

It's fun to look around a place where you might see a giant sized painting of a bear(?), a groovy chandelier, and a yellow wave of a chair.

Aha! There they are.

I'll leave you with……                  ?                     …there are no words. 

It's something you just have to see to… appreciate? believe? 

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