Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I stopped in at the Laura Lee Clark showroom yesterday to see if there was anything new that might inspire me.

I like this showroom because it's not just traditional or just modern or just any other one style. I know I get to see a bit of everything. On this visit I was inspired by…   

…this fantastic white tree trunk table with the round lacquered top. It's the kind of table that will look great with any chairs of your choice. Love it! Want it! … Need a bigger house.

I'm always inspired by a lovely vignette.

Aha! A great idea as to where to place your stuffed peacock. I hope this has solved your dilemma. 

It's the details that count. While I do like several of the details in this space, one in particular…is definitely "subjective". It's hard to really see it in this image, and that's not by accident, but along with the lovely butterfly and other interesting framed critters is a "SNAKE!"  I don't do snake! There were actually a few framed dead-but-real snakes in the showroom. You may think snakes in frames are pretty cool, but I couldn't even bring myself to get close to it. I know, I know…it's quite dead, but I only get near snakes when I'm the one… standing like a mighty warrior taking down an evil army while wielding a giant shovel screaming loud enough to draw the attention of every kid in the park …killing the snake. Well, the screaming was warrior like…until I fell down next to the snake while he was still flailing around. I didn't actually realize how loud my screams were until all the kids came running into my backyard. They thought it was cool and proudly displayed the conquered-evil on a stick as they ran through the park. My older son and I still disagree to whether that snake was just a 2 foot garden snake or a 20 foot python.

Anyway, enough about my conquering-evil adventures, let's get back to some adventures of inspiring design details.

I'm lovin' these gold with white fur stools.

…These definitely-not-your-grandmas-brass giant sized ring tables. 
 You know that I love adding a bit of the odd or unusual into my decor, and these are great.

I found a lot of pretty things to fill me with inspiration. 

I included his photo because it shows a collection of the range of styles…Modern, antique, traditional, contemporary, and a bit of the exotic…and how well all these different styles can work together in one space.

And one more thing…

I really did go down Inspiration Drive to get to my destination today. 
The moon? I took that picture on another day. Unfortunately, the actual street sign image had some ugly telephone pole and wires behind it so I prettied it up with my moon shot.

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