Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Always inspired, even by the annoyingly early Christmas ornaments already hitting the market, I made a fun new deer head wall sculpture.

Seriously, it's only July, do they have to start selling Christmas ornaments NOW?
That's what I said, a bit perplexed, as I walked past a row of Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby last week. But then…I saw these great silver deer heads. Suddenly, 'LIGHT BULB!' Christmas in July was working for me. 

It's made of some kind of plastic, but it has a very nice silverleaf-looking-finish on it. So, I grabbed one of these $5.99 dudes and began to ponder the possibilities. Hmmm…maybe I can glue him to the front of my car as a hood ornament. 

I guess I'll save that idea for Christmas.

After literally examining all sides…

I purchased a wood plaque thingy ($2.33) in the lots-o-wooden-stuff-department.

I painted my 7"x10" wood plaque, black with a white edge, and then glued on my deer head dude. I believe I shall call him "FRANK".

I may even put him in a fancy frame.

…And add him to my art wall grouping. Anyway, I think he's a pretty good looking dude for less than $10.

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