Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I was inspired yet again to whip up another pillow.

It was that great all beige-ish space with the pops of fuchsia and orange from yesterdays post that inspired this new pillow.
And, not just that space, I also keep seeing other fun fuchsia inspired looks almost everywhere I go.

This fun pillow filled bed is in the IBB Design showroom…which I check out again every now and then. You can't miss it, fuchsia and orange are the kind of colors that shout…"HEY! LOOK AT ME!"

I was very tempted to buy this great little linen and fuchsia pillow when I was in Tuesday Morning, but I didn't because I didn't think that I currently had another possible place for anymore pillows. And when I say, "currently", clearly I mean…that day or in that exact moment because…
Suddenly I saw some fuchsia and orange fabric that I liked at Hobby Lobby and I went home and made a new pillow. I didn't say it made any sense. Let's just say…I did it -added yet another pillow- for the blog. Well, that's what I told my husband anyway.

I temporarily put a few pillows in the closet so that I could add my new…now actually pillow"S" to my reading chair. Okay, so after I made this new orange and fuchsia pillow, I needed another one to go with it. I found another fun fabric to make a smaller rectangular pillow and I placed them both next to a sphere pillow that I made during my… sphere-pillow-obsession that I had some weeks ago. I can't guarantee that those will be the pillows on that chair next week, but today…I like them.
And still…I see fuchsia.

After I finished my pillows, my son craved a burritto so we went to a new Taco Cabana drive-thru that I hadn't been to before. At the drive-thru speaker thingy, where one places their order, was this very cool fuchsia wall and overhang with that great bird motif. I whipped out my always-handy-camera and took the photo pictured in the lower left corner. If that was on the outside, obviously I had to pull over and see what great decor might be on the inside. The lovely bird motif, and fuchsia, was continued on the patio and the condiment bar too. I also found some great star pendants and…

Check out these fun restroom doors. 

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