Thursday, July 3, 2014


 I'm always checking out the art.

It doesn't matter if I'm in a gallery, Interior design showroom, department store, restaurant, or even a hospital. Wherever I go, I always check out the art. The piece above I photographed while at the Gary Riggs showroom in North Dallas. Colorful stripes are always cool…well, mostly always. I say mostly because… If my husband said he wanted to wear a suit made of colorful stripes…well, that might not be so cool.

This colorful piece I photographed while walking through a furniture store called, Englishman's furniture and design store. It's nice to find a bit of color amongst the furnishings in a more traditional setting. This piece is called…"A PLETHORA OF COLOR." Okay, I actually have no idea what this piece is called, I've just been waiting for an excuse to use the word PLETHORA. 

This colorful beauty I discovered in the men's department at Neiman Marcus in plano, Texas. You can bet that it's a valuable piece by a fine artist because Neiman's never buys their art at the local motel art sale.

Found these inspiring pieces, by Terrell James, at the Laura Lee Clark showroom in Dallas. They remind me of how you can look up at the clouds and if you look really closely… pick out some recognizable images…like the funky horse head that I see in the painting in the lower left.

Also, at the Laura Lee Clark showroom, I found this lovely sea shell tree. It's actually a large piece. This artist is clearly a meticulous and patient person. I haven't collected enough sea shells to create an image like this, but I just might have enough pasta noodles.

A bit of the geometic can be found at Cantoni in North Dallas. I like how they illuminated these pieces, displayed on a dark background, with spot lights. 
Also at Cantoni, a very contemporary style furniture store, …

I photograhed this piece called, "What the world would look like if there was only one style bag, but in many colors." Gasp! Can you imagine such a thing. 
Again, I really don't know the title, I'm sure I wrote it down the day I photographed it, but… I'm also the girl who calls my sister for her address every time I send her something because I write it only on the stamped envelope, as she again retells it to me, instead of writing it in an actual address book.

This interesting piece, also at Cantoni, I photographed because…it's interesting, but also because it inspired me to want to create something similar. I haven't actually created it yet, but it could happen.

And our last image of the day, found at I.O. Metro, is called 'Electrify'. This one I actually know the title…because I just looked it up on their website. It may not be a one of a kind, but it's colorfully inspiring nevertheless.

So, be sure to look around and check out the art wherever you happen to be. You never know what might inspire you.

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