Monday, July 7, 2014


This space makes me smile.

The foundation of this room is perfect for so many different looks. When I say foundation, I'm talking about the rug, sofa, and lovely wall color…which looks just like the wall color in my own home. The fun pops of fuchsia and orange fill this space with a happy vibe.

You could take all the orange and fuchsia pillows, art, and accessories out of this space and fill it with almost any other color and style and it would still work.  
All the basic pieces in my home used to be lovely shades of linen, sand, natural…whatever you want to call these great neutral colored furnishings… until we had kids. Small children and linen don't go to well together.

I love this space. The lovely settee, that great white marble table, and that gorgeous shades-of-beige cowhide rug. I would like this in the corner of my bedroom. It's possible. My boys are growing up. Now they almost always remember to wash their hands and keep their feet off the furniture. With these beautiful pieces as a base, I could keep changing my pillows and art every time I feel inspired…which is almost daily.

WOW! Seriously PINK chair! If it were in my house, it would probably be a differnt color every month…or possibly every week, depending on the mood. Hmmm… LIGHTBULB!!  that would be kind of fun. I'm going to the store, right after I finish writing this post, to buy a box of different colored spray paint. I think I'll start a new blog series called…

Here's another example of how the same style foundation is changed when you add a few more traditional looking pieces. 
By the way, I took these inspiring photo's at the Wisteria outlet in Dallas.

I also photographed some other fun looks.
I've been wanting to add a great cowhide rug to my home. I've been waiting for the right moment…the moment when my kids would no longer want to use it in a game of stampede… outside in the mud, or when my dog wouldn't consider it as a possible girlfriend.

Here's another example of how a basic natural color sofa, coffee table, and rug can be changed to a more…rustic? exotic?…  eclectic space.  And I see yet another example of a fun way to add some cowhide. Groovy chair! What a great way to bring modern into a more rustic style look.

I'll share the rest of my pics later this week…including some great blue-water art.

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