Thursday, July 10, 2014


The new pillows on my reading chair were calling for some new art.

So again, just as I did in my 'Antique French Wall Becomes Modern Art' post (HERE), I went to the computer and printed out a large flower image using 4 separate pages to get it big enough.

Then I grabbed some fuchsia and orange paint, that matched my new pillows, and began to experiment. 

The paint was good, but it needed something more. I grabbed a few colored pencils, and again began to experiment. The left side just has paint, but the right side of this image has the added pencil effect. I liked it much better now.

Then I grabbed one of my always handy white Ikea frames. It comes with an off white mat which I will change to just white, which I always prefer, later. I think it works great with the pillows. Remember, if you scroll back a couple of posts, this look was inspired by the look I saw at Wisteria (HERE).

Wow! Don't be scared! This pillow looks way more fuchsia in this image than on my actual chair. It must be a camera thing.

So… are you asking…what does Laurie read while sitting in her lovely reading corner?

I like to read life changing stuff. One of the many books I've read in this corner is The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, by Steven K. Scott. It's an excellent book. It's one of those books that everyone should read. 

My synopses…

When he couldn't hold a job or find success, and asked for advice, he was told that if he would do just 'one thing' he would end up smarter than all of his future bosses and probably even be a millionaire within 5 years. He listened, did the one thing, and became a multimillionaire in less than the 5 years. That 'ONE THING' was to read one chapter a day, of the 31 chapters, of Proverbs. Not just for one month, but everyday for the next 2 years. Read it, and write down what you learn. He goes on to explain the details of the wisdom he learned and how it completely changed his life.

I've heard it was a good thing to do (read a chapter of the book of Proverbs each day corresponding with the date) and attempted to do this in the past, but reading this book put an exclamation mark on it. And YES! it's life changing.

By the way, the reason I titled this post "JULY" in the reading corner, is so that I can change the pillows and art again in August  and September and October etc…  I can't help it that I'm always…Inspired Yet Again.

So, consider this post as the first in a series of "What does Laurie's reading corner look like this month?"

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