Saturday, July 19, 2014


I thought it would be fun and hopefully inspiring for my kids to come with me to check out a great gallery I hadn't yet visited. Art is always inspiring…right? 

My boys were complaining a bit about going with me, but I convinced them about how cool it will be to see some inspiring modern art.  

Finally, by the time we arrived at our gallery destination, they decided that it could possibly be a fun experience to go ahead and check it out with me. As we made our way up the purple carpeted entrance steps….

"Are you kidding me!" I say a bit loudly as I read this totally uninspiring and frankly annoying little sign.  
I made the boys wait outside while I ran in to ask a few questions. I tried to pretend that I couldn't see the completely obscene very large painting hanging just to my right, as the friendly receptionist at the front desk tried to convince me that this was an unusual thing…a showing of art the required a warning…at this gallery.
The cool thing was that they opened up a closed off, and totally non-obscene, section of the gallery, and allowed us to come in another door.

Unfortunately, my boys, who now knew that there was some mysterious inappropriate art in another room nearby, couldn't appreciate the art currently in front of them. OY! 
The art we did view was by Artist, and movie director, Julian Schnabel. He's the artist that created the very inspiring…

Plate Art… some years back.

As we were leaving, we found some fun street art just outside the building.

While my boys thought it was hilarious, this was not the day I had planned.

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