Thursday, August 14, 2014


Thought it would be fun to check out the new goods at the Kathy Adams showroom.


I was having lunch nearby, and my boys were with me. Normally, I wouldn't go in when the kids are with me, but they were getting on each others nerves, and therefore mine, so I decided to torture them just a bit by having to go with me while I took pictures.  Ha Ha Ha!!! (maniacal laugh).

This seriously RED tufted wingback chair is not only colorful, but quite comfy as well, and I know this, because they insisted that I sit in it. I really like those lamps.

I always love a good mirror. That bottom cluster of mirrors looks like a good diy project idea.

Lamps! I dig them. Especially interesting ones like this one. I would probably put it in a modern setting, but it looks pretty good in this traditional vignette as well. 

I also, always check out the art. This ribbons-of-blue modern piece is kind of cool, don't you think?

And this watercolor horse too. 
Every time I look at this vignette, I want to slide a couple of ottomans, or just one big one, under this desk/console table.

I like those two modern works of art, and they go well with this chair covered in wow!-red-patent-leather.

Dog art! Who doesn't like a bit of doggie art.

But my favorite dog piece …

…was definitely this one.
The dog conga line bookend. 

And by the way, it worked! My kids were so worried that I might dare to go check out a few more places, so they suddenly became angels after this lil' visit.

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