Friday, August 22, 2014


I'm loving, and wanting, this malachite painted desk. This is one of my favorite pieces that I discovered while visiting Ceylon et Cie in the Dallas Design District. It looks especially great in this very eclectic setting of some odd, but mostly interesting, items.

White famed mirror within a white frame hanging from a chain.
It's art.
It's a mirror.
It's Inspired.

A gallery wall of art is always a great idea when you have a rather large collection.

There's always a place in the home for a beautiful bench. This one is lovely, and it looks even better with those great pillows. I've always had a thing for pillows made from vintage rugs. If you happen to have or find a great old rug that has a bit to much damage to put on your floor, make a fabulous pillow instead.

White stuff, crystal things and pretty mirrors always make for a beautiful space.

I'm a fan of all white linens. It's clean, crisp, and works with every look. This bed is looking especially cozy.

I may like my white sheets, but I also enjoy a lot of great color.
If you happen to need a lovely lavender lamp, now I know where you can find one, and it looks like there's also a great collection of colorful ikat fabric under that table.

I especially love a great colorful chair, and these chairs look pretty great to me.

I'm liking that pendant lamp. It almost looks like it could have come out of an old church.

I don't know about you, but I think every room can use just a bit of leopard. Okay, this is much much more than just a bit, but I think it looks pretty great in this room. I just may have to have a leopard rug in my office the next time I 

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