Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Remember the flag that I painted on July 4th?

I had a photo copy made through vistaprint. A 24" x 36" poster print, and I'm lovin' it. 

I'm not paid by vistaprint, I used them because I had my business cards made there, and they keep on sending me new discount info. I was worried about what the quality might look like since it was such a good price, but it came out great. I framed it in a white frame which… I think…works perfect.

I've tried hanging it in a few different places, like my office space here, but my 9 year old son says he wants it in his room.

Oh yea…by the way,

Did you happen to notice my new rug? I found it in a Homegoods store somewhere between Atlanta and Birmingham. We were traveling back to Dallas from South Carolina, I thought I left my sunglasses behind and stopped off at an exit…(because I noticed a shopping area)…and ran into a TJMaxx to grab a pair. My 9 year old son needed a bathroom break as well. As we walked in, I quickly discovered that this particular TJMaxx was attached to a Homegoods. As we were walking towards the restrooms, from a distance, I saw this fabulous rug hanging, and it was calling me. Without thinking, I said to the nearest stock guy, "I'll take it!"   But…then reality hit as my son said,  "Mom! Bathroom!"  Oh yes, suddenly I was aware of the fact that I was many many miles from home, and driving a car… not a truck.  Oy! After our quick trip to the bathroom, I  laughed as we went back out to the car and told my husband of how a great rug made me lose myself for a brief moment. He said, "Where are your new sunglasses?" I laughed out loud, "Oh yes…that's why I went in there". But, the best part was that He went back in with me and noticed that the rug was thin enough to fold…and so…he bought it for me. I love him!
After we managed to fit the rug into the car, and I finally found that new pair of sunglasses, we made our way back onto the highway for our long drive home. That's when I discovered my old sunglasses were at the bottom of my purse.

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