Monday, August 25, 2014


Take a seat while I share a little chair inspiration.

Like this beautiful white lacquered chair with the vivd colored silk ikat. A pair of these fabulous chairs would look excellent flanking a great console or credenza. Beautiful!

Or…this bright orange lacquered chair with the teal and green houndstooth check. It would make a statement in any space, but I like how they paired it up with this desk.
By the way, I took all these great chair photo's while admiring the Ceylon et Cie showroom in the Dallas Design District.

What a difference some great fabric can make. This yellow slipper chair is lovely, but I also have my eye on those great brass frames just behind this very pretty little chair. Brass is back baby! Just thought I would mention that incase you've been hiding out in a cave somewhere, and hadn't heard that very important news. 

Wow! How many beads does it take to make a chair? You count and let me know later. Don't worry, I'm not going to be posting a how to diy your own beaded chair. I don't even have the patience to string together a simple necklace with these tiny beads.

Malachite fabric and nail heads. This pretty chair is in the same display as that gorgeous malachite desk from yesterdays post. The lacquered orange credenza…that's definitely a wow! piece. Don't be afraid of color. Putting these two together is inspiring.

Love the great brass detail on this chair. I don't know if it's just me, but every time I look at this chair, I picture a very chic 70's woman wearing a long dress with a groovy scarf wrapped around her giant afro.
If you're a fan of the green, but modern groovy ain't your thang…

Then…how about this stunning little gem. Olive is also back. Don't get excited, I'm not talking about those olive green kitchen appliances…I know you love them, but I mean…Olive paints and fabrics. This chair is a great inspiration piece to start off that new olive inspired space you may have been dreaming about. 

But…if you've just got to have a modern chair in your space, here you go.

If you love your metallics and dig lots of color…. This one is pretty cool!

I end our little chair session with another orange lacquered piece. The black patent leather (maybe vinyl?) on this piece gives a modern flair to an antique chair.

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