Sunday, August 31, 2014


Adding something unusual, unique, or just a bit odd, to your home can be fun.

An unusual piece of art, a unique piece of furniture, or an odd but kind of cool object would be great. I don't know how daring you may be willing to go…but….

….YIKES! …the head of a real giraffe may be a little too far. It's odd alright, but also just a bit creepy. The last time I was that close to the head of a giraffe was when a friend and I took her young son to a small drive-thru safari park. She had a sun roof, and when the giraffe saw the bucket of feed sitting in my lap….suddenly, his GIANT-GIRAFFE-HEAD was also in my lap. AHHHH! We all screamed with a nervous laugh as I was literally eye to one very big eye with that giraffe. It was unexpected and also kind of frightening, but it did make for a much more exciting visit. That's one way to get close to a giraffe, but a stuffed head in the dining room…oy! I didn't even want to stand very close to it. Well, on the other hand, if you don't want company to stay in your house for very long…it's an option.

If you like the idea of adding a life-sized, but not real, animal into your home…here's a great option that I discovered at the Scott + Cooner showroom in Dallas. 

It would take any room from just a "pretty room" to "WOW!" And nobody would notice if you forgot to vacuum or something was out of place when there's a giant-red-horse-lamp in the room. Think about it. It could solve some issues.

But all kidding aside, homes are more fun with a few interesting pieces thrown in here and there. For Example: This boat hanging from a ceiling at the beach house would be perfect. 

So, where can you find something fun? Try the eclectic, but not to fancy, antique malls or a fun flea market. And remember, sometimes the junkier ones have cooler stuff.

The crazy giraffe head, this horse sconce, and the vintage ice cream sign are from Scout in Dallas. That replica of a British phone booth was actually at a HomeGoods store in Allen, Texas.

So, what are you supposed to do with your odd or cool new find? Hang it up like a piece of art or maybe turn it into a mirror.

Here are a few other interesting possibilities. 

In McKinney, Texas, hangs this funky chicken on a building that I always think could also look pretty great hanging in someones living space. What do you think?

As for my home, I may not have any giant animals, but I do have some old sign letters (that I collected years ago before they were "in") and my big star, and we hung an outdoor basketball hoop in my sons room…which he's only allowed to use soft nerf balls or pillow balls…or else. Plus, we have some other interesting stuff here and there, but I'm always on the look out for something really great.

A fish tank with a yellow submarine…or a 30 foot tall eyeball.

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