Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I saw a lovely painting of colorful stripes recently, that inspired me to create my own version.

The piece I saw was painted on a canvas, but for my interpretation, I decided to use planks of ¾ inch wood instead.

I had my husband cut 5 different widths of wood in to equal lengths. He's so sweet. If you aren't in the mood to cut it yourself…or have someone to do it for you… You can just go have them cut at Lowes or Home Depot. That's my dog 'Snowy' photo-bombing my tutorial photo.

After cutting the wood, I sanded each piece a bit. 

Then I taped off the edges and painted different colors in the center of each piece. It only took me 2 days to finally figure out what colors I would use. That's what happens when my "JUST DO IT" gets interrupted by my "ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?"

After the center colors were dry, I taped it again, and painted the edges in different fun colors. If you take a look at the blue paint at the top of the image, you'll notice that I used a mix of several shades of each color to make it more interesting.

And VIOLA! A new Masterpiece.

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