Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Inspired yet again, by the beautiful art and decor from my visit to Blue Print in Dallas (see my last 2 posts) I have created another… what I like to call…MASTERPIECE! 

My blue eagle collage. I shall call it, 'SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS'.
The color blue was inspired by a certain horse painting, that I want!, and the collage part was inspired by those great collage faces I shared with you yesterday. 

How did I create such a masterpiece, you ask?

I started with a canvas. 
First, my youngest son and I played around with adding layers of different paint colors. If you like this, and are possibly thinking that you love it, then you may not like step 2. 

Step 2 was to cover all that color with white. Don't panic! Stay with me, there is a method to my madness.

Step 3 was to sand off some of the white in order to let some of the color show through. I also added just a bit of color on top with colored pencils.

Step 4 was the really fun part, ripping pages out of old magazines. At this point, I knew I wanted to use the color blue, and that my object would be an eagle. I first mod-podged a drawing of an eagle onto the canvas, and then I began ripping my anything-blue-magazine-pages in to pieces of wings etc…until my bird was complete. 

He looked pretty good here, but just needed a little something more.


I laid my almost-masterpiece down on the floor, and began adding bits of sky.
And viola! 


  1. wow love your blue eagle! Thanks for sharing the creative process, makes it just that much more amazing!

    1. Thank you. I think I'm going to be a bit obsessed with collage art for a couple weeks, but I've also planned some other fun diy art projects…so stay tuned.