Saturday, August 9, 2014


Mixing unexpected colors, patterns, and prints, makes home decorating fun.

I stopped to take this picture, as I was passing by this colorful store in the mall, because I loved the way they mixed different wall papers into one space. The brown ceiling adds another great element to this space, and all that beautiful white moulding helps of course. It makes me want to put wallpaper somewhere in my home.

Pattern on pattern next to yet another pattern. There are only a few colors happening in this space, but all the different patterns, including that fun night stand, make it great.

I have a couple of chairs to recover, and I'm digging the look of this print. Liking both, the pattern and the color.

If you really want to spice up your space. Here's a fun idea. Every chair with its own color and print. The brown and blue ikat is my favorite in this group, but the blue chair with the blue and white bird print looks pretty good too.

But if that's a bit to much for you, you can always try mixing up the lampshades on your favorite chandelier.

(Southern Living)
Or adding a bunch of fun pillows on top of your 'LOUD' sofa print. 

(Amie Corley)

 Loving this space. Blue and white wallpaper with bright orange drapes and a chartreuse nightstand…looks perfect. Great lamp! Every little girl needs a space this pretty…Heck! Every big girl needs a space this pretty.

Well, that's certainly an interesting way to mix it up. I'm not sure if it was planned or if the seamstress was a bit confused, but either way…it seems to work quite well in this pretty little space.

(Black and Spiro)

Anna Spiro, of Black and Spiro in Australia, does a lot of pattern, prints, and color mixing in her design work. Is it just me, or have you noticed that Australians seem to really love bright fun colors? Check out a few Australian Interior Design magazines, and you'll see what I mean. 

(Quadrille Wallpaper)
I enjoy mixing up the prints, patterns, and colors in my home too, and if I decide to add some fun colorful wallpaper into the mix, I'm really liking this one, called Sigourney, at the moment. I'm thinking it would also look pretty cool on a ceiling. Love that upside-down giraffe picture as well.

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