Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Wondering what designers like to fill bowls with?

At Mecox, they put moss spheres in bowls.
Spheres of any sort usually work well in a bowl.

They also put big turquoise eggs in a bowl. 

At Ceylon et Cie, I found bowls filled with shells. Gold leafed shells add a bit of pizzazz.

And starfish! 
Yes, it's technically an urn filled with starfish, but they would look equally great in a bowl… hope that's not Patrick in there.

Or…how about a bowl of bolsters? On the floor in a corner, or under a console, it could look pretty good. And if you like pillows in a bowl….

Remember these Andrew Yes sphere pillows from Forty Five Ten? They inspired me to make sphere pillows of my own. (Here)

At Restoration Hardware, they put rolled up books, sans the book cover, in bowls. Although, I don't recommend destroying any good books, this would be a good idea by the fireplace. Kindling!

A bowl of antlers is always a cool idea.

In my home, I have lots of bowls of…stuff. I have a bowl of colorful diamond shaped crayons.

And, remember my bowl of color-blocked-rocks from my 'How to make Rockin' Rocks' diy project?

You can also fill a bowl with silver spheres that you drove all over town to get enough of for a chandelier diy project that you STILL haven't completed. 

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