Tuesday, September 2, 2014


1. Hang similar pieces of art work together to make one big statement. 
These four paintings are different sizes, but the colors are the same, and the way they were placed makes it appear as one large work of art.

2. Place a grouping of a similar item or collection together. 
These beautiful small agate sculptures make a big statement when they are displayed as a group.

3. Don't be afraid to display more than one of a matching object. The agate sculptures were the same and yet different, but these pretty pastel green vases are exactly the same and look excellent when displayed in a pair or grouping.

4. Layer mirrors or artwork…or in this case mirrors and artwork.

5.  Layer tables.
Put smaller unique tables under or in front of a larger table.

6. Tuck a bench under a console table.

7.  Big bold art makes a big bold statement. 

8. It's okay to put big things on small tables.
A bowl is pretty, but a big horse head…
This little vignette is an example of both layering art and tables, plus adding something big on a little table.

9.  Mix patterns and textures.

Hope you enjoyed.
All the photos were taken at Mecox in Dallas… I love that place!

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