Friday, September 26, 2014


Yesterday, We took a visit through Arteriors Too. It's one of those un-advertised hidden gems that you might find on an underground list of 'secret places to find amazing goods'.

The lighting, always a favorite for me, was quite inspirational as I walked through each room. 

But then…

I went into the lamp room!
Wow! I was suddenly in a lamp dream.
Oy! What to choose…what to choose…There are only about 50 must haves on my list.

As I drooled over the lamps, I joyously hear music…I mean… someone behind me say's….there are chandeliers in the cottage out back. I was already in a bit of heaven in the lamp room…

…but then….I entered the Chandelier Cottage! 

I gasped with glee as I opened the door. 
Do I sound a bit like I may have a chandelier obsession? Well, I do.

Every corner was filled with something to smile about.

A unique chandelier for every taste. 

And, even a few great pieces of furniture as well. 

Clearly I was in Chandelier Heaven.

That little cottage looked way different on my way out.

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