Thursday, September 25, 2014


Just when I think I may have found every great home furnishings shop within a 34.8 mile radius… Eureka!

A new hidden treasure has been discovered.

I read an old post in a Dallas Design District blog about Arteriors opening a new place, and that's when I discovered that they had an old place… as well as their already existing place of course.  I've been in their Atlanta showroom, and have admired, and even ordered for a great store I once helped design and start up, their dream-worthy merchandise.

But, this gem of a store (Arteriors Outlet) is where anyone can walk in and get their hands on a great treasure, and best of all… at a very reasonable price. So…I've been inspired to add a few new treasures to my home.

Only, I haven't decided on the exact items yet, because there are too many to choose from. I'm like a little kid that has a list of what they want to buy, but then when they have some money in their hand ready to purchase, there are so many possible choices in front of them that it makes it nearly impossible to choose.

I really like those gold tree stumps, and those mirrors, and…

That groovy brass and glass bowl…filled with the parts of a porcelain doll (a bit creepy!) that I'm quite sure I will not add to my"What to put in the bowl list." 

That's a great stand-up lamp, and I'm even inspired by the stylish decorative bars on the window. I probably passed by this little shop a hundred times, but thought it was just a little lamp shop.

It's easy to miss. There are actually 3 separate little cottage-like homes, on Lovers Lane in Dallas, that this great treasure is housed in. Every little room was jam-packed with new surprises.

I'm going to have to add this new found gem to my list of monthly pop-and-drop-in's. 

So many great little tables, and the lighting…oh my! I already have a lamp and chandelier obsession…this place is going to turn my obsession into addiction if I'm not careful. 

But wait…there's more….
Tomorrow's post "Chandelier Heaven!" will feature,my obsession, the lighting at Arteriors too. 


  1. Wow, Laurie, what a gem of a store, indeed! I'd go nuts choosing what I'd like to purchase. Have fun.

    1. :-) Yes, and wait till you see the amazing lighting selection in tomorrow's post.