Friday, September 5, 2014


I've been Inspired to create a new brightly colored modern masterpiece.

The inspiration came from a small white frame and a stack of colorful card stock.

Suddenly, I knew just what to do. I chose a mix of colors, and arranged and rearranged pieces of the colorful card stock rectangles and squares until I liked what I saw.

Then I used small rectangles of black paper, which I cut into different shapes to create a positive negative effect.

Then I put each little masterpiece into one of the 5x7 white frames.

And placed them out on my desk in the arrangement that I would hang them.

Don't criticize the hanging, they're not perfect yet. These little frames have a poor hanging system…so I will have to perfect it later.
But…they (The Idea) look pretty good…right?

They're hanging in my office and they make me happy…enough said.

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