Monday, September 8, 2014


Today, I thought I would share some inspiring and eclectic design from one of my fun daily detours.

This great little vignette is not just eclectic, but a really fun example of how you can mix patterns.

I took all of today's pictures at Rutherford's Design in Dallas.  

Loving these great black and gold tiles, and those sconces too.

They look fantastic on this fireplace wall. I know they put that sofa there for store viewing purposes, but in your home…Please don't block your beautiful fireplace with a big piece of furniture.  

I like how they added that colorful modern art and those funky dudes, that you can barely see in this image, crawling up the wall to the left.

Wow…Chandelier that makes a statement. I haven't decided what the statement is yet, but it's definitely interesting.

It's fun to see a few odd pieces thrown into the mix. Now that chandelier says, "I may be serious, but I definitely have a colorful fun side as well."

This beautiful turquoise desk would be a perfect piece 
to add into any eclectic space. 

But if that was to modern, this pretty faux marble painted desk is a lovely option.

Love the Sea Urchin chandelier. This was one of the wallpapered ceilings that inspired me (in this past post) to want to wallpaper my foyer. It's still in the works (my head) …I'll give you an update when it actually leaves the head and gets to the ceiling. 

I had to take a pic of these funky fellas. I imagined these frogs were saying', "Help, I'm falling!" But then I noticed the number on that little price tag, Now I'm sure they're saying, "Keep your paws off!"

Here's a few fun item's to add to your eclectic space.
And let's not forget the art…

From a simple lovely black and white drawing of a woman.

To …some mirror framed colorful nudes

To this… large amusing painting of a bull dog.

Hope you enjoyed todays detour (-: